Saturday, April 30, 2011

Y ~ Yummy Yams

I love yams. Of course, I used to think they were sweet potatoes. There seems to be some confusion in the foodie world about what constitutes a real yam or a real sweet potato, not to mention that cultural traditions from various parts of the country also contribute to the confusion of what to call these delicious veggies. Or root crops. Or whatever. The orange potato looking things.

For today's post I'm going to give you a recipe. And then I'm going to post again on the letter Z. Because by golly, I WILL finish this challenge. I only missed one day. I will not quit! Even though I'm tired, and I have to leave for the evening in about ten minutes. Sigh.

We're a big meat eaters in this family. The Engineer hunts so we do a lot of venison. Friends have a farm. We buy half a cow. We are by no means vegetarians, but we do eat meatless from time to time. This concoction I'm about to tell you about came from a vegetarian friend of mine and has become a family favorite. It can be ready to eat in 15 minutes.

Yams (about 2/3 per person)
black beans (refried, whole, whatever variety you like)
tortillas (corn or wheat, whatever you like. We buy ours from one of the many authentic tortillerias in our little town)

Wash, poke, and nuke the yams until soft. Scoop out flesh, mash with butter and milk making them the consistency you like in mashed regular potatoes.
Take tortilla, throw in some beans and some yam mash. Nuke to warm through. That's it! I like to add various other yummies, like chopped tomatillos, shredded cheese, diced red pepper, etc. The Engineer and the boys are purists and don't add anything to theirs. The leftovers last about a week, and are delicious for breakfast, too. Try it! There's something magical about the combination which just screams comfort food. Bon apetit!


Brian Miller said...

not big on yams...i will eat them...have grown to like sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon...

Daisy said...

I've never tried a yam before so thankyou for sharing the recipe..I may just have to try it out ;)

Annesphamily said...

I am a yam and sweet potato gal so I will give this a try! I am always trying to get my Sweets to eat different things! Have a great weekend. Anne