Thursday, April 21, 2011

R ~ Restaurant

I love eating out. I've blogged about this topic already, but I just can't say enough about going to a place where you sit down, relax, and then they bring you fabulous food. The Engineer and I have differing opinions on what makes a good restaurant experience. He likes: go in, get table, eat GREAT food, get out. I like: go in, squeeze up to bar, secure libations, crowd into a well, crowd, people watch. Get table. More libations. Appetizer. Order dinner. Linger over dinner. Make up stories about the people sitting at the other tables. And no, I did NOT steal that from the Steve Carell/Tina Fey movie. I've always done that.

One of the marriage-building catch-phrases of the last, oh, decade, has been “date night”. One should date one's spouse. I'm all for that. But when you've dated for nine, been married for 19, “date” takes on a whole new connotation. For the first few years, our boys were young and baby-sitters were expensive so we made do with eating a bit fancier of a dinner after the boys had their mac-n-cheese. Lately, however, we've actually started leaving the house, and eating at a restaurant. Considering how The Engineer is the definition of frugal, and eating out makes him a bit uncomfortable, this is nothing short of a miracle. But it's completely understandable if you've ever eaten at “our place.”

Las Palmeras is a family owned business. There are probably at least six or seven other restaurants that would fit this description in our 40% Hispanic town. We've tried most of them. And yes, we do Taco Bell. I mean c'mon, five bucks for a box of three entree items, cinnamon twists, and a drink? I try to stay on budget.

If you ever get to Longmont, you must visit Las Palmeras.  I usually get #26, five small tortillas with either beef or chicken chunks, grilled, then pico de gallo, avocado slices, lime wedges, and you put together wonderful little bites, each one slightly different as you work your way through five or so napkins.  I've eaten a lot of refried beans in my life, but these are the best. Regardless of entree, I always order a side of beans. The service is friendly, and they appreciate their regulars. Most Wednesdays (that's our night) they “run out of smaller glasses” and bring me my margarita in a tankard twice as large, no extra charge. Their portions are huge – I can usually get three MORE meals from my left-overs. That's my definition of a good value. But then again, anytime you bring me food I didn't cook, I'm happy.

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H said...

That sounds so good! I hardly ever eat Spanish/Hispanic food, because there are just not that many Hispanic people living in my neck of the woods. For eating out, it is most normal for me to go to a pub, but when I have a night out with friends, I love to go to an Indian restaurant!