Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Have you met Pandora???

It's been humbing to find that I'm actually kinda slow to catch on to things.  

It took numerous friends encouraging me to join Facebook.  I've since been thrilled with how it keeps me in touch with my already good friends.  Technology is amazing.  

I'd heard friends allude to something with the name "Pandora".  I didn't ask.  Didn't want to appear...out of it.  After all, I'm a modern gal.  Cell phone?  10 years and counting.  Online banking?  Wouldn't know what to do without it.  iTunes and iPod?  Check.  Laptop?  Check.  Digital camera?  Check. Blog?  Well, yes, finally got brave.  Which brings me back to Pandora.  I was lamenting to a co-worker about how totally annoying radio commercials are.  (I'm a totally spoiled TiVo girl who never has to watch a commercial again unless *I* choose)  and he told me about Pandora.  I encourage you to try it.

All you have to do is give them a "seed" artist, and they'll take it from there.  It's all linked to the Music Genome Project (which as a clarinetist for 9 years totally fascinates me).  They've analyzed songs and "graded" them on various criteria.  They match what you like from one artist with similar qualities with other artists.  The result?  I listen to the "radio" all day, there are no commercials, and they play "only songs you like".  If a song comes up that you don't like, just mark it.  They'll never play it for you again.    You can add variety by adding other artists that you like.  You can bookmark songs and buy them.  It's been totally fun for me because my office is VERY quiet.  Listening to music helps me concentrate, but  I wouldn't want to inflict my tastes on the engineers who share my open office (no cubicles for us).   I got tired of what was on my iPod.  Now I can listen to great music that I like all day.

No, Pandora hasn't paid me for this.  I just wanted to share my totally cool, totally free toy with you.  Give it a try!

After all, life is to short to have to listen to commercials.