Nicknames: Family and Friends

These are the people in my world. If you'd like to know more about them, just enter a nickname into my “search this blog” . Most of them have their own post, others are mentioned multiple times in regular posts. 

I try to respect the privacy of my family...TRY. So if someone doesn't have a post of their own, it doesn't mean I love them any less.

The Engineermy husband, electrical engineer by day, mad inventor and experimenter by night, and able to DIY just about anything. You know all those jokes about engineers and their personalities? Yup. All true. In spades.
The Transporter: formerly known as Jake, our almost 16 year-old who has his precious permit. I'm a princess-cup-holder now! He drives me everywhere at the drop of a hat, and always wants to stop by our favorite coffee drive-through. Of course, we drive ANCIENT cars, none of which have cup-holders. Yes, they do exist – cars with no cup-holders. Except me. He says I'm an excellent cup holder. He's an excellent driver, and I'm so grateful. I'm driving phobic since the car accident in 2007 which totaled my car. Life is Good. 

Update: Should probably delete the above, but it's such a part of our relationship I just can't.
Now 17, with license, he just got back from a weekend road-trip to Utah to purchase our latest old Volvo (mine now needs a new engine. No, it wasn't my fault.  Old cars wear out. So we got a brand new used car instead.)  Drove over 1000 miles in two days.  Runs all my errands.  Just finished switching the tachometer from one car with the clock from another...great, natural mechanic.

OYT: Stands for Our Youngest Teen, and formerly known as YellowBoy, who now at 13 thinks the YB makes him sound “baby-ish” and so he picked this nickname instead. He's excelling in school, but has inherited his mother's extreme medical worst case scenario situation so it's been tough going lately with concussion, closed head injury, neck injury, and a never-ending sinus infection. Told you this was an update. I plan on doing them more than once a year.

Update: Just can't erase that either.  He was on the robotics team at his school in it's pilot year and his team did extremely well.  He's now a track manager.  Where did the shy kid go????  Now he's Mr. Extra-Curricular activities.  Good thing The Transporter does the transporting...

The Swede: my Dad, 100% Swedish. Author of eleven books, retired language teacher, speaks, at last count, eight of them, and retired Volvo top executive. Columnist in our local paper. I get my “special” sense of humor from him.

The Nutritionist: my mom, American. She was an RN. However, you can't have a conversation with her without the topic of nutrition coming up. I don't feed my kids enough veggies, just FYI. She has a heart for the elderly and spends most of her free time volunteering around the community at assisted living centers and visiting the shut-ins from our church. YellowBoy gets his big heart from her.  The story of how The Swede met and married The Nutritionist is a good one.  Maybe they'll let me tell it.  You know, there's that whole Atlantic in between...

Swissiemy little sis, who FINALLY moved to my state in 2007. We're very close. She's one the most generous people I know, the one who always finds THE perfect present, and can never wait for your birthday or Christmas and just gives it to you. She spent 15 years in the bio-tech industry running a lab, and had enough. Moved here, and now is a licensed daycare professional. She works at a private daycare and the kids cry when their parents pick them up.

Windex: Swissie's husband who works for an airline and thus generously has provided flights for us for over 20 years.  That's where all my flying stand-by stories come from.  So thanks also for the blogging material, too :-)  His love of windex rivals the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, so it's the first nickname which came to mind...sorry dude, but it's funny.  And it's you.  Love you man!

DataBoymy baby brother who is brilliant and successful and also generous. He likes to upgrade to the latest version of the latest toys out there. We get the cast-offs. That's how I got my first iPhone! Works in software.  He loves golf and his wife, and new baby daughter. I'm nominating him for Father of The Year. Watching him with his baby girl makes me weepy...

YogaGirlmarried to my brother, but was my dear friend before that. Nice when you're friend becomes your sister!  Introduced me to yoga which saved me from another foot surgery. I'll be forever grateful. 

BabyViking: their baby daughter. Most adorable child on planet. Not that I'm biased or anything. I got her a knit viking hat, complete with horns and big braids.  

GorgeousGirl: my favorite cousin. Her brother doesn't mind that I say that. He and I grew up a generation apart. She also finally got smart and moved here two years ago. She's a make-up artist, who met the man of her dreams and is deliriously happy. I'm so happy for her.

The Marine: This would be the man of her dreams. Can't say enough good things about him. Honor, integrity, intense work ethic, fun to be around, and isn't afraid to kick some a$$ on my kids in chess, or anything else for that matter. Gotta respect that. He loves motorcycles, takes good care of his aging parents, and we love having him around.

Amazing Aunt Risky: The Nutritionists' baby sister and mother of GorgeousGirl.  Adrenaline junkie, rock-climber, ski-patroller, paramedic, takes my boys on snowboarding trips, owns horses, which she rides almost daily.  Taker in of strays, including whole families.  Generous beyond belief, patient, kind, hysterical and would win the Gold if the Olympics had a story telling competition.  Ageless.

SMK. Stands for“Sister Mary Katherine”. Don't laugh. She's nowhere near a nun, though her mother called her that as a child HOPING it might influence her. Instead she's an in-home daycare provider (bless her heart – I don't know how ya'll who do it, do it...) and lives across the street. Over the 12 years we've been in this house, she and I have gone from neighbors to acquaintances to friends to dear friends. I'm truly blessed to have her in my life. A post all about her is coming up soon. I did write a poem about's the link if you're interested.

Farmor and Farfar: Swedish for Father's mother and Father's father.  They are my paternal grandparents.  We lived a ten minute literally "through the woods to Grandmother's house we go" and often did.  Then we moved to America. They came every year around Christmas time, so we did get to see them throughout our childhood.  Also, Swissie and I had the privilege of spending many summers with them.


JoJo said...

Only one thing I noticed in the title for 'Yoga Girl',. it says 'Yogo Girl'. Great nicknames though!

D.G. Hudson said...

Check that first sentence, Tina, and adjust as needed. I like this explanation of who's who in your zoo.

I'm not much for creating nicknames, but hubs is very good at it. I don't talk about my family as much (due to past harassment), but only one daughter has her own blog. We always compare notes since we blog about totally different things.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll email you about guest posting on the A-Z.

Sassy said...

Hi, You know at first I thought Mmmm, it must be one of those things where you type in your name and it comes up with a nick name for you according to what your name is. Apparently, I was way off, lol.

I call my husband fuzzy, don't ask me why I just like to. Nice idea for a tab, enjoyed reading. :)

Thanks for stopping by My Meddling Mind, so glad you found me.


Brian Miller said...

hey it works...smiles....i call my wife baba....i dont know why i have been doing it for years....

Cheryl said...

I like the idea of explaining who all your people are. It's a bit wordy and quite a bit of that is not really necessary. I'd lose the entire first paragraph and the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph.

I'd also make that 3rd paragraph shorter by killing the last 2 sentences.

I'd rework 'Jake' as it's long-winded and slightly convoluted. I'd fix their to they're if you leave that piece in. :)

Is the Nutritionist related to you? I got confused when you added that bit about YB getting his big heart from her.

One thing you repeat is: "s/he'll kill me if I say more, post that picture." Why add that? Way up top you made it clear that you respect your individual family member's right to their privacy. It doesn't matter to us which ones prefer discretion.

You know I'm all about being honest, so that's what I've got. Great idea, I just think it needs to be a bit tighter.

Cheryl said...

Nicely done. So much easier to follow. I hope The Swede and The Nutritionist decide their story is one they're willing to share with of us busy-bodies.

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

I like the nicknames - cute. Each description is a bit long though. Maybe 2 sentences about each, esp. if you write about them alot anyway. Just my 2 cents!

Shaharizan Perez said...

I truly enjoyed the heartfelt descriptions of your family members. I look forward to reading your posts. :D

-Chary Perez

Jo said...

Dunno why I never read this before Tina. Useful to be sure who everyone is.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina's family ... I have just realised I never commented here ... these are great characterisations of you all - I can 'hear' the Swedish connections coming through ... lovely to have these reminiscences ...

From someone who shared many happy times with Tina across the airwaves ... Hilary