Thursday, April 7, 2011

F ~ Fact of Fiction?

Remember that game where you say things about yourself and people have to guess which one isn't true? Can't remember the name of it, or if it even has a name, but since today is the letter F, I'm calling it Fact or Fiction. Here's how it's going to work. I'm going to tell you five (again, for the letter F) random things about me. These will be like Cliff Clavin's little known facts, as in totally useless. One will be a complete whopper of a lie. Now I know what of some of you're thinking. “I just found this blog yesterday. How am I supposed to know these things?” Well, to make it fair (because we all know that all mothers are fair all the time, and IT'S THE LETTER F TODAY) these are facts that I haven't blogged about, OK? Sheesh. Calm DOWN you competitive people! (Wait, that's me...ya'll are yawning...)

  1. I had a secret boyfriend in my sophomore year in high school. A real “bad boy” my parents wouldn't have approved of (not that I was allowed to date, mind you...) He played guitar in a band, smoked, and boy could he kiss. My mother would drive me over to his house. For guitar lessons.

  2. I taught myself calligraphy. I'm not half bad.  It just takes practice, and the right tools.

  3. I'm a champion whistler. Can't sing worth anything, but for some reason I can whistle. Maybe all those years of clarinet, piano, and guitar lessons did me some good after all.

  4. My worst fear as a child was running into Stephen Kings' Carrie, covered in blood. We were at a campground with a store and the book was on a rack, and I kept looking at the pictures from the movies every time I was in there, even though I thought she was after me. This lasted until well into adulthood, where the creep from Silence of the Lambs took her place.

  5. I learned to swim in freezing lakes in Sweden, but I taught my boys to swim using crocs on their hands and in one of those quick-set pools with the inflatable ring around the rim. In the backyard.

    Tomorrow I'll let you know which one is false. Good luck!   Fame and Fortune await! Nah, just bragging rights.

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erica and christy said...

i LOVE your blog! so fun and i love the design! im guessing #1. he was totally the goody-goody, right? it wasn't until college that you went for the bad boy. (or was that me?) carrie still terrifies me. right along-side silence of the lambs. can't watch/read horror. nope. sooo nice to meet you! christy

Unknown said...

Oh bummer...and for a moment I thought I'd have an edge! I have absolutely no idea... I can imagine #1 being true because I went through a rebellious period as well. #2 sounds daughter is teaching herself guitar and I taught myself to sew so that is quite believable. #3. I don't know. I can't sing or whistle. My daughter can do both. #4 seems most unlikely although that book scared the bejeezus out of me. #5 I would not put that past you at all! Great list. I look forward to seeing which one is the whopper!

Brian Miller said...

i think 3 is the whopper...or 2...but i will go with 3...

Barbara said...

Great to meet you through the A-Z challenge :) Hope to see you around! :)

H said...


I love the one about your mum driving you over for 'guitar lessons', so I'm going to guess that it's true!

Guitar lessons may be a bit of a clue. As the lessons were fictional, maybe the reference to them in number three is a clue that it is the whopper. I think that will have to be my guess. :)