Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V ~ Very...

...blessed, let me never stop counting the ways. Out loud, in prayer, on paper. On line. In person to the blesser.

...glad that this school year is almost over. Homeschooling is by far THE most challenging adventure I've ever accepted. And you know this acceptance was reluctant.

...excited for our road-trip back East at the end of May. GorgeousGirl and The Marine (who is one of the most wonderful people I've met lately) are getting married! But that's not all. I also get Ocean City and Annapolis. Bliss.

...excited to plant this year's garden. Love my veggies. Love my flowers. Some of you know what a departure from personality this journey to gardening truly is.

...content right now. This week's laundry is put away. The Engineer and I are going out to our favorite restaurant (see R ~ Restaurant).

...very glad I participated in this challenge. Actually reminds me of the answer to a therapy question I read about in one of the tattered magazines I paged through in the countless rooms I've spent far too many hours waiting in...but we already passed  S ~ Sex, so I'll write about that later (in case you're not coming back, if you want to get your (insert desire here) back on track, do it once every 24 hours.  I've been posting once every 24 hours.  Seems that ___________ every 24 hours helped this particular couple...)

Thanks to all my readers for still traveling along.

P.S To my “never miss reads”: I WILL be back. You can count on it. You're a big part of what has grown me so far this year. And yes, I will admit I'm counting down to the end of this April challenge. After all, I'm human, and

...I'm very tired. 


Annesphamily said...

You are one busy lady! I am hitting and missing with visiting blogs because I get so busy with other stuff but I truly love allt he wonderful friendships I have made and want to get to know even more creative and talented people her. Enjoy the week. Anne

Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler said...

I was just surveying my swampy yard at our apartment and wondering what the heck I can plant. I'm not a very good gardener, but when we had the house, I always gave it the old college try. Hope you post lots of pics of your garden.

Annesphamily said...

I am waiting for Spring to come forth so I can plant. We have snow predicted for Saturday with 70s tomorrow. That's what happens living in Colorado our entire lives! The weather changes in a heartbeat! Hugs to you! Anne

H said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your daily posts. You've almost accomplished your challenge; only 4 more to go :)

H said...

Hey - I've just spotted a familiar avater as a new follower... My niece has joined your list! :)