Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Glorious Surprise

I didn't buy you
didn't invite you
(didn't even know
who you were)

and then

You announced yourself
in finest indigo,
so deep and true
your blooms
from within

but you disappeared
the very same day
and I mourned
(because I still didn't
know your secret)

In the morning
you greeted me joyously
(and I think you were
aware of my ignorance,
and eager to surprise me
with your gifts)
and then I knew you

You made your home
in my strawberries,
politely sharing
garden space,
while spectacularly
draping yourself
over the wall
onto the lawn
to wink at

Shh...don't tell
but you're my favorite
of my volunteers
It's not just
your glorious color
or fancy tricks,
like curling yourself
to sleep
in the hot afternoon sun
then stretching awake
while the dew still
sparkles diamond dust
on your leaves
But because you show me
That each day
is another day.
Given to us,
to cherish,
by the Creator
who put you
in my garden.

This is a true story.  One year, many years ago, a vine started growing in my strawberry bed.  Not being the most efficient, or timely, gardener on the planet, I hadn't had time to yank it out yet, when I saw the blooms.  Spectacular.  And gone.  So now that I know I have morning glories, I let them grow wherever they want.  In the shot with the lawn, I was trying to capture them starting to close up for the day.  

This has been Alphabe-Thursday Rainbow Summer School.  Head on over to Ms. Matlock's classroom and read other entries featuring indigo.

P.S And now you know why my profile picture is what it is :-)


My Grama's Soul said...

Hello....thanks for stopping by yesterday..I fund you over at Vicki's ..All My Yesterday's. Hopefully that answers your question. (O:(O:



My Grama's Soul said...

Oops.....forgot to mention......LOVE YOUR POEM!


signed...bkm said...

so sweet and lovely - this flowers and your poem is just as sweet and gentle as the flower....blessings...bkm

Jo said...

what a happy little accident having these just show up in your garden ... lovely! and the poem was just so sweet!

Brian Miller said...

ah beautiful morning glories...i do like them as well..and perhaps he just came to surprise you. and remind you of a great truth...

Sarah said...

What a happy surprise. Some "weeds" are best left alone. LOL
Your morning glories are lovely. ~ Sarah

5thsister said...

What a lovely story! They are beautiful! A pleasant surprise for sure.

Mary said...

What a lovely poem...morning glories are a wonderful unexpected surprise :-)

Annesphamily said...

What a delightful poem! Those morning glories are amazing and shy flowers aren't they ? I like this post. Very charming today. Thanks for sharing and come see me soon. Anne

Jingle said...

beautiful poem from the perspective of the color of indigo.

Kay said...

I've never wanted them as bad as I do right now.. sigh... fabulous!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

What a lovely plant, and what a wonderful poem to honour it. I had a volunteer morning glory too once, but I found out what it was and decided to transplant it to a better pot- it never survived that move :-(

Lovely post.

Nora Johnson said...

Lovely poem & lovely morning glory! Terrific post!

Lola & Nora:)

My name is PJ. said...

Morning glories volunteer at my house too and I really enjoy them!

Rinkly Rimes said...

The heart of those lovely flowers is a beautiful indigo. And I'm sure the strawberries enjoy the company.

jeff campbell said...

Such lovely words..poetry to my flower loving soul...Peace and blessings

Sue said...

I love this glorious poem about morning glories.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your insights on and photos of this beautiful flower. Great post!

Jenny said...

What an absolutely glorious post for Rainbow Summer School!

This is amazing. So eloquent and evocative.

This might be one of your favorite poems for me ever...and I've been loving a lot of them!

Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Thank you for linking!


Debbie said...

And a cute little poem to go with...thanks so much for the smiles. I love that are lucky to have it.

mrs. c said...

What a great writer you are! I think you are so creative and I love how you tell your story and it is true. You are a bright spot in my day!


Well, I wish my husband had the same love fest going on with the Morning Glory because I love them too. He yanks them up. He is very afraid of the invasive plant. Oh, be afraid. Be very afraid....oooohhhh. Haha I think my deer like them too. Today, I saw one with a vine hanging out of it's mouth and I thought it was a Morning Glory. It ran off before I could check it out more closely. Anyway, we didn't have many this year so my husband has been effective in his weeding. Boohoo!

Cheryl said...

This is magically written. I had the same experience of seeing these just up and start growing one year. Since I'd been around flowers all of my life, I knew what it was. I was going to yank it because ours was choking my favorite rose bush. My husband fell in love with it so I just keep it on one side of the trellis away from the roses. Ours starts out pink then turns blue then later in the summer looks just like this.

purejoy said...

thankful that your poem has more longevity than your morning glories. equally beautiful, but with a lasting quality.

what a treasure!

Tgoette said...

That was a beautiful poem! My back yard is literally surrounded by morning glory and it's nice to step out there and just admire them and the latest places they have taken root. Great job on this!