Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sat. Centus: Family Drama, Part II

Katherine gave herself a pep-talk before getting out of the car. “Do the best you can. Get out as quickly as you can. Don't let her talk you into anything illegal. Again.”
Oh Katherine, you'll never believe what accidentally happened!”
Yes, I probably will. She was used to cleaning up after her sister's messes. And sure enough, there he lay. Elaine's latest lover, in a pool of blood. Shot through the head, she guessed, from what she could see. Well now, this was worse than usual. "This is never going to come out," she thought as she scrubbed at the spot on the worn carpet.” But, it would make another good scene in her latest murder mystery.

It's Saturday Centus, week 20.  Same drill: 100 words past the (must be left intact) prompt, PG only (yes, pushing that envelope today).  Link up at Jenny's.  
P.S Yes, this is a continuation of Sat. Centus #18.  Here is is, to refresh your memory.
Good grief. On a night like this, even I might say, “It was a dark and stormy night,” thought Katherine as she negotiated the hair-pin turns on the rain-soaked country lane. This wasn't her plan for the evening. But what can you do when your baby sister calls you, desperate for help in the crisis du jour, and you're just sitting at home, planning revenge. Not just any revenge, but a revenge so clever and intricate that no one would be able to guess who or why. A revenge that would make this novel another best-seller. Tonight, though, she'd have to settle for real drama. 

P.P.S I got to supply the prompt this week.  I'm almost famous ;-)


myorii said...

OMG! So what's going to happen next? I'm curious to find out if they'll get caught or if they'll get away with it. I love how you continued it from a previous Saturday Centus. Good job!

Bookie said...

It seems a spot means blood and wine to many of us. :) A mystery included here.... :)

Terra said...

YAHOO! I thought it was continuing from something. I was going to look for it, thanks for saving me the time! Nice prompt to- ms. famous!

Viki said...

And it was a very good prompt ;0) I liked that you continued the story. Maybe in a future Centus we'll hear even more. Sign of a good story, wanting more, ha.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I was going to do mine about murder, too, but thought I'd done more than my share of creepy and rocked it!

Kat said...

This was really good, and I'd love to read more. I enjoyed the prompt this week, it allowed me to continue one of my previous posts too! Kat

Tgoette said...

This was great, Tina! Such a colorful and inventive mind you have. Can I borrow it? LOL! I really liked the prompt and your story was perfect! Well done!

Brian Miller said...

oh you are famous...smiles. nice continuation...nothing better than family drama to give you stuff for your

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

This is a very gripping piece, and I like the way you're stringing the centus pieces together. Thanks for visiting, so I could do the same.
Have a good week!

She Writes said...

Good for you :)! Almost famous is not a bad place to be. Safe still from the danger of fame!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Very gripping piece. I am almost tempted to attempt it myself.

My name is PJ. said...

Great work. It can stand alone or be the continuation of 18. Got blood stains? "Shout 'em out!"

Jessica B said...

Love it! I like doing a continuation of another week -- cool idea.

RockiBottom said...

Oh, I love where this is going! Sounds like her life may be more exciting than her book.

skinner675 said...

I'm so glad you went for blood! I thought loads would so I didn't! Great novel being produced here!

Sara Katt said...

You should write a mystery! You have a knack for this.
(Mitt bidrag har varken vin eller blod, utan en annan sorts vaetska!)
Love your text, love the prompt!
Sara Cat (Sara Katt)

Ames said...

After all....sister have each other's back. :)~Ames

~Lissa said...

Ooh I like that you continued your last story! It fit so naturally. That's a good sister. haha.
Nice SC!

Anna said...

Dear Tina,
I agree with my cat. Are you writing a longer mystery story?
I've got a few ideas for mysteries, myself.
Interestng relationship between the two sisters. I don't have a sister (just a brother) so this is uncharted territory for me. Always wanted one though.
Best wishes,
Anna's SC-Week-20
Sara Cat's SC-Week-20

Sara forgot to leave a link!

Jenny said...

I thought it was a story continuation and I appreciate you posting the previous 'chapter'!

This was a great ongoing story. I love when they 'come' together into something more than the individual parts!

Almost famous? Girl! You are totally famous because you are totally amazing.

Thank you for linking.

cj Schlottman said...

Oh, Famous One,

You make me want to try this continuation thing! Your story is gripping, visual and sensate. I could smell the blood and the fear.