Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Drive

They looked so in love
driving with the top down,
in an old Thurderbird,
lovingly restored
her snowy hair, under
a carefully tied scarf,
ends flapping
in the Sunday breeze
He was proud,
of his lady
and of his ride
and drove carefully

I also saw them,
fifty years ago
he had his hair greased back
trying to look so hard
and in charge
she, in her Sunday curls,
as they drove
with freedom's
reckless abandon
way too fast,
they held hands,
clasped tightly
in new love,
that connection,
feeling electric
just palms,
not steps further
and he grinned at her
and she smiled at him
and life was ahead of them

And years later,
they're still together,
and still in love,
and he reaches for her hand,
just like he used to.
She takes it.
And smiles.


signed...bkm said...

Lovely Tina and yes there really are couples that love each other that much and that long...very nice...bkm

5thsister said...


steveroni said...

Tina...such a sweet reverie. Oh, thank you! So needed during these times.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. what a cool love story...

Jingle said...

amazing job, Tina...
Glad to see you shine with so rare talent and beautiful spirits.
Happy monday!

GardenofDaisies said...

I love seeing couples hold hands!! That simple act means so much.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

What a beautiful poem, Tina. I could just see them then, and see them now.

And to answer the question you raised on your blog- that particular kid does come from a slightly weird family. Mother has a stream of men to entertain her, and the father has another woman tucked away somewhere. Which is why I am a little more concerned than I would otherwise be.
And I am glad you agree that seven is too young for all this- puppy or otherwise.

Kay said...

beautiful... :)

J. Kwiatkowski said...

An ode to one of my favorite eras! They don't make 'em like that anymore- the cars or the couples!

Deb and Barbara said...

Beautiful testament to long-term love.

Aging Mommy said...

Lovely - there are people just like that and when you see them driving their old cars you know they remember those days 50 years before and see each other like that still.