Friday, September 17, 2010

Straight Up

I've been praised
with applause
good job
way to go

I've been blessed
with honesty, in

But I far prefer
time spent
to say
what if
do this
change that
and even
what were you thinking?

Writers grow,
not watered with sugar
but watered with

This is Flash Fiction Friday 55.  Go see g-man if you'd like to try your hand at telling a story in exactly 55 words.


Kat_RN said...

Yes, that is just what a writer needs, the only thing I would add is that critiques should never be cruel. You can be honest and helpful without being cruel.
Nice job.

5thsister said...

Perfect! One of my most favorite comments on one of my poems was an honest appraisal from a writer I admire greatly. It was honest and fair. And her tip helped me improve the piece greatly. Well done, Tina.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

So when you say this is fiction, you really don't want to know what we think?


Brian Miller said...

i agree completely...give it to me straight, no chaser...ok maybe just a bit of sugar...but i would rather be refined...

Aging Mommy said...

Totally agree. I do understand why in blog land people are reluctant to go all out on honesty for fear through the written word of being felt too harsh or critical, but as a writer you can only grow if people are honest with their feedback and for me, the folks who were in my first few attempts at fiction writing, helped me enormously.

G-Man said...

OK...Here goes...
I really liked this.
It was light hearted, and to the point.
Thanks for playing, You Rock Baby, and have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

Cheryl said...

Couldn't agree more. I don't consider myself any kind of writer. Photography makes my heart sing. I've been a little leery of putting it all out there as a photographer and asking for the critique. I'll get there.

My name is PJ. said...

Amen! You got that right!!!!

Anonymous said...

I so agree. I wonder about the nice comments I get and think people are not being honest. This, honestly, was wonderful!