Monday, April 23, 2012

T ~ Tack Så Mycket

Today I'll be teaching you the second most useful phrase in any language. Do you remember what the first one was?

Jag älskar dig!

If you don't remember, you can go look in my archive to the right and find it. I'll also stick it at the bottom of this post so that the ultra-competitive (um, like me)can chew on that while reading today's post, THEN find the answer at the bottom. I'd make it upside down like in the newspapers, but don't know how.

The second most useful phrase is:

Tack så mycket!

It means thank you very much.

tuck soo (oo as in door) mick (as in Jagger) ett (ett as in charcoal briquette)

Today I'd like to tell my readers tack så mycket for:
  • showing up every day and leaving such nice comments
  • following, and truly doing that, as in coming back (which is my definition of following)
  • sharing pieces of your heritage and your memories
  • for putting up with my sometimes cheesy humor and bad puns
  • thanks for joining the challenge, and stretching your writing muscles and staying with the work-out with us. It's been a great ride so far!

DON'T FORGET to mark your calendars for the reflections posts taking place starting May 7th.  We will have a sign-up list open starting that Monday, and it will be open for a week.  More details as the date gets closer.

Before you leave today, grab the button advertising the reflections posts which is over there in the sidebar. It's a picture, not a link, since the reflections posts will be all over the internet, not at the A-Z Blog.

P.S I love you.


Elaine L. Bridge said...

I know it’s not May 7th yet, but in line with my “T” post today I just wanted to take a moment now, before we reach the end of The Challenge, to thank you for co-hosting it all. While exhausting it has been yet exhilarating, and in some ways life-changing for me, as well. Much of that was due to the help, hope and incredible encouragement you offered along the way. Simply put, I’m grateful, and wanted to say thanks!


Lynn Proctor said...

thank you again :)

Beth Stilborn said...

I'm strutting around (figuratively -- I'm really sitting at my computer typing this) patting myself on the back. I remembered that Jag alskar dig means I love you!!!

Tack så mycket for this wonderful series of posts! (and yes, I cheated and copied/pasted to get the circly thing whose name I've misplaced in my brain).

Brian Miller said...

smiles...thank you is def a good one to know...and one that we should say i am sure far more often than we do...

Dani said...

I want to say Tack så mycket for teaching us these awesome words!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And we thank you for the language lessons and being an awesome co-host!

Sandra Tyler said...

interesting blog. Just finding you in the challenge I guess!

raymond alexander kukkee said...

And Tack så mycket for being so patient with us, since we don't remember everything that you have taught us so carefully! ":)

Donna Smith said...

Ah, I made it back here after pålägg! I've been lost in the cyberwoods, and have finally made it back here. I don't like to talk like this is over, because z best is yet to come, I'm sure, but it HAS been a blast! I'm looking for the next great blogging challenge to tide me over until next year. (maybe I'll just spend the next 11 months reading April's posts) Thanks for co-hosting!

klahanie said...

Yay and "T" is for "Tina" :) Have you missed me? Been wondering where I've been? Of course, while sacrificing my own writing time, which has caused much sadness in the blogging community, I've been going around and encouraging fabulous folks who are involved in this amazing alphabet challenge that I'm not actually involved in. Bonus points for being such a good guy!

Tack så mycket! for tolerating my comments and why you don't have a thousand plus 'followers' by now is beyond me.
Oh, thanks for the reminder of that reflections post on May 7th. Gosh, I can reflect back on how fantastic this experience has been for me as I note the true ethos of a sharing, caring blogging community. All different, all equal, in this great diversity.
Your starstruck fan and evidently the official anti-A to Z Challenge spokesman, Gary :)

Sonia Lal said...

Saying thank you is very important!

Sonia Lal @ Story Treasury

Unknown said...

Mormor lärde mig säga tack och tack så mycket. Hon tyckte, som du, att de var de viktigaste orden i svenska språket efter 'Jag älskar dig.'
Stora kramar,

Laurita said...

A very handy phrase indeed. Tack så mycket for all these wonderful lessons. I love visiting every day (although it's been a few days, but I'm catching up!)