Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Think I Want To Be A Mermaid

If I squint and mix
my green sheets
and my greybluesea walls,
and the (bubbles on the window)
I can make an ocean

If I can make an ocean, 

Maybe, just
I can be a mermaid

Swim, twirl, speed, spin

Up down, fast, slow
Twirl, twirl down down down
To a quieter place

Still see the light,

but far off, in the kind of
until I
until I am 
until I am ready
until I am ready to
until I am ready to deal
until I am ready to deal with
until I am ready to deal with it
until I am ready to deal with it all

Because right now,

I'm just a mermaid,
Maybe like the ice-skaters,
Body bending gracefully, 
Spinning so fast I become
The blur that I am

Yes, a mermaid.

That would be nice.

©2014 All Rights Reserved

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I'm actually early this week!  I'm at my favorite pub, d'Verse. They are pretty mellow over there, which is why I like to hang out. You can too. Linky still open. Promote #d'Verse, @d'Verse please.


Andrea said...

Hmmm, a mermaid? Well maybe I should give that a whirl as well. Do yiu think clam shells are easier to find than a regular bra?

brudberg said...

The thought of being a Mermaid to dive down into the silence to avoid it all.. a bliss it would be...

and hey that little mermaid is so sweet..

Jag gillade din kreativa typografi ocksÄ.. (a little Swedish language training)

Anonymous said...

A great poem and so wonderful to read. Thanks for sharing this.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'll make some fins for you.
Actually I know an author who in her youth worked at a place where she really was a mermaid.

JoJo said...

Nice poem! :)

Brian Miller said...

ha. i need my bit of fantastical escape myself....the ocean would be a great retreat...and the freedom of a mermaid in swimming where no one else can go....i have to feel it would be pretty amazing...

Kathryn Dyche said...

spinning so fast I become the blur that I am . . . really love that.

Anonymous said...

the sheets into an ocean - what a cool idea ~

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Ah--this piece just so appeals to me--from the first squint to the closing

Scarlet said...

I like the fantasy & creative dip to the ocean ~ I want to be a mermaid too ~ Enjoyed this one ~


Unknown said...

So if you are a Mermaid, do you go looking for nice looking Mermen?
Sometimes I like to be other places to step away from everything.

Andrew Leon said...

I don't think I want to be a mermaid.

Rachel said...

When I was little, I would always pretend to be a mermaid while swimming. My uncle was the only one who ever encouraged it (instead of just saying "oh okay sure") and one day, he was playing with me. Thanks to his encouragement, I was convinced there were sharks in the middle of the pool (the deepest part where I couldn't reach) for about a year. I still don't know why since I could see there clearly wasn't anything there that would eat me lol.

Jo said...

Coincidence, I have just started reading an ebook about Mermaids, it's called Drowning Mermaids.

That statue of The Little Mermaid was so disappointing, it is tiny and sits with a background of dockyard cranes. Did you know someone once painted a bikini on her?

Claudia said...

it would be cool to be a mermaid for a bit...escaping into the ocean..swimming with the fish...enjoying the streams and the weightlessness....yes...sounds not bad at all

Gabriella said...

I like the idea of being a mermaid, if only for a whole, before one is ready to deal with 'stuff'.
As an aside, I love the part of the world you are from, especially the West coast.

Tara Tyler said...

love it!! wouldn't we all love to be a mermaid for a while? or a fairy?

sweet poem!!

Susan said...

I think I would like that too. But then i have a dilemma--would a prefer a natural environment or a Disney one? Seriously, the lay out and progression of images is gorgeous. Set me spinning.

Cheryl said...

I liked the early progression and could feel the spinning and diving into the quiet.

Anonymous said...

Tina - very descriptive visualization - colors, mood, tempo, movement. You captured it all. I have a mermaid hanging on the wall in my "quiet space" around my bath tub!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

I think being a mermaid would be fabulous- every day a beach day!

Mary said...

What a wonderful dream...to become a mermaid. Wouldn't it be wonderful if one could? Yes - "That would be nice."

msmariah said...

Nice poem. Did you ever see the Discovery Channel's fake Mermaid documentary? I just watched it the other night, it was actually pretty funny.

Kittie Howard said...

Being a mermaid would be fun -- but only after I lose that winter weight around the middle. :)

Anonymous said...

I think I'm part mermaid (definitely not the body part). I love the beach, the ocean, dolphins, boating! Ah, when will summer be here???

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina .. "I can ignore until ...
I ... am ready to deal with it all" - yup - I feel that way ..

Now a mermaid's figure and youth would be rather good!

Cheers Hils

Sharon Himsl said...

Wow...really like this, and the placement of the words really works :)

klahanie said...

Hey Tina,

What a great thought. Set yourself free and dream those mermaid dreams.

There is a mysterious pool near where I live. Legend has it that a mermaid lives in the pool.

Gary :)

Atreyee said...

What a lovely fantasy-it sure would be a different life but unless I am Disney's Ariel,I don't think I would like to a mermaid-I mean are there mermans or do I have to be alone? ;-)Loved this Tina:-)

dolorah said...

I'd like to be a mermaid too.

Unknown said...

Reminds me of a story I read about a mermaid long time ago, by Oscar Wilde.