Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Help of a Jedi, for #dverse, @dverse

He likes to walk ahead,
Because Jedi protect and serve
And bring peace
He doesn’t have to be a Jedi,
This son of mine IS peace
He’s the warm soul, the open heart, the compassion

He takes care of me, I’m sad
To be the mom who needs the electronic cart,
As if I were infirm and elderly
Infirm it is, but not willingly

He waves one hand, the door
Swishes open before him,
Obeying The Force, which is strong in this one,
His cousin once said
And he’s never forgotten

Gently he leads me to the bench, and goes off
He needs a vehicle to complete his mission,
A vehicle for the old woman who can’t breathe
A vehicle to allow her some independence
A vehicle she won’t like, but Jedi will do
Anything required
Missions, you know, take them all,
Serve and guide

My Jedi returns, grinning, because Jedi,
Know vehicles and ships and modes of transportation
Others despise
“Here Mom, I got one fully charged and it’s really fast I think you’ll like it much better than that one that wouldn’t steer at Walmart and ran out of battery and then there were none left and I had to find you the chair and you got all upset.  Here Mom, just get in.  I’m staying by your side and I’ll take care of you.”
He’s not thinking Jedi today, well except the ingrained door thing
He’s thinking Mom.
And he does it with the grace and skill of a master


One of my goals this year was to learn new forms of poetry.  This one is called "Sketchbook" poetry.  You can sketch like people who actually can draw to capture the scene, then write about it.  However, this scene is old, but I stored it in my mental video section, and then "sketched" it with words.  The main idea is that it's not edited, it's a rough sketch.  I have NEVER EVER pushed publish on something that I just threw on to the paper. 

I'm linked up at d'Verse, the poets pub where I like to hang out when I have the night to do what I want.  It's not too late to join.  Write your own poem and link up.  Talk to others.  Have a pint and wander around perusing new poets.  (They're probably not sketching because that's a make-up assignment...)



Bodhirose said...

I loved your sketch...yes, sometimes I have to play catch up too. How fortunate are you to have a Jedi Master at your sweet...and love the photo too. I like to try different forms too...did a villanelle again...tricky. Leaving my link for you...


enthusiastically, dawn said...

Hi Tina, oh I am such a Star Wars fan, what a touching and tender portrayal. Just the right element of fun. Sweet. I am so glad that we stand at the edge of the abyss together, trusting...that it will be OK, really. With you on the journey, Dawn

Mary said...

You are definitely so lucky to have a Jedi master at your service & such a caring one at that!

Anonymous said...

Tina, stopping by to say hello pre A to Z Challenge. It's going to be awesome!

From the Market to the Plate
Volunteer for the 2014 A to Z Challenge (Stormy Sidekick)

Brian Miller said...

smiles...a cool tribute to your jedi...sounds like he has developed quite the heart eh? smiles. we are star wars nuts as well...smiles.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

He is a wise Jedi. Don't want the one that runs out of battery.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina .. sounds like a grand kid - with a wise head on his shoulders .. so pleased he's caring for you.

Loved this Sketchbook poetry - it suits you .. and with the photo of the yellow shoes, for yellow boy - it's just great!

Can really see it ... cheers and least you were able to get out .. big hugs Hils

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tina, this was absolutely beautiful. My eyes filled with tears while I was reading. It truly resonated with me. My Peanut has to care for me from time to time and she does it without complaint. Just like your Jedi. Thank you for warming my heart with this piece. You captured it beautifully, my friend.

AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

Claudia said...

awwww...sounds like you're having a wonderful boy.. may the might be with him...smiles

Anonymous said...

How sweet - the very best kind of Jedi Master to have in your house!

JoJo said...

That was wicked good Tina!! I'm not so good with the poetry though...I used to panic in English class when the teachers asked us to make one up.

Andrea said...

What a great effort first time out on the sketchbook. I have my flannel covered book of poetry I have written...nothing since 1994!!

brudberg said...

A what a nice master you have you to guide.. may force be with you both... Love the sketch.. works so fine.. Hope to see you try triolets later on... they are quite fun.

Unknown said...

That was great! The words visually danced in my head. Strong in the Force is he.

Andrew Leon said...

I have a philosophical disagreement with this kind of "poetry," so I'll pass on the group.
The prose was good, though. :)

shelly said...

Love the picture. Great poem!

Rachel said...

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this form of poetry, to be honest. It feels more like a story to me, but that's my personal opinion. The fact of the matter, is that reading it brought tears to my eyes, which I think is far more important in any form of artistic outlet. If you can make the reader feel something, that's all that matters.

Grace said...

A sweet story from your son ~ Hey, I love Jedi stories ~ Thanks for sharing ~

Annalisa Crawford said...

I loved this - it shows a really special bond between you.

Jo said...

What always bugs me about those carts, they are so slow. Not only that, people ignore them and won't give you room. Grrr.

Lovely poem. I come from an old fashioned school, my poetry is somewhat different.

Glad you have a Jedi Master at your beck and call.

Susan Scott said...

Great post Tina thank you - and bless your son forever more! He doesn'tneed batteries - he's got the Jedi force!

Susan Scott said...

p.s. I am sorry - my blogger profile doesn't work so well .. IF you look at my blog, it is on the left hand side under web page which gets you to my blog.

Rusty Carl said...

Great sketch. And great pic that went with it too! Poetry can be a bit like quantum mechanics to me. You know, the details are incomprehensible but they still add up to something beautiful.

I think, at least. I'm not really sure. I'm just saying - you've done well with something that mystifies me.

Briane said...

Boy, did I ever like this. So much going on in such a short poem; you say it's a sketch but it's really a whole story, or stories, bound up into just a few words.

That's what the best poetry does, after all. Well done. This made me sad, in the best kind of way. Does that make sense? Poetry doesn't have to.

Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks for being a follower and the kind words.
Got the shirt printed in San Fransisco a few days after meeting Lee in LA.

LD Masterson said...

A very fine Jedi, indeed.

Anonymous said...

This is a really cool poem, Tina. Jedi sounds like a night in shining armor. Son's can be great like that, because they love their moms!