Friday, February 14, 2014

Send an Unexpected Valentine: Join DL Hammon's Blog Blitz Team

Getting Blitz-ed by DL Hammons Blitz Crew is like getting an unexpected Valentine, on any given day.

DL started the Blog Blitz last year.  Here are his words:
What would it be like if the support, encouraging nature, and community spirit of the blogosphere were ever focused on a single blogger? A few of us have experienced that sort of attention via book launches or other publishing announcements, and still others have achieved that level of awareness through the popular blogfests we host.  In most cases there is a lot of work that goes into generating that amount of interest.  What I'm talking about is being suddenly thrust into the spotlight, without even lifting a finger. What would it feel like to be the recipient of that kind of exposure? Could something like that even be possible? Can the power of the blogosphere be harnessed and directed?

You can read his whole post about it here.

I’ve been a blitzer since almost the beginning, and I gotta say, this is a neat gig he’s got going.  Sometimes I feel like I’m Santa sneaking into someone’s house and leaving a little note for someone to find.  Or truthfully, on the average blitz day, like a tired-just-got-off-work-and-almost-forgot last minute arrival at a party that’s been going on all day.  Either way, I’ve gotten to meet some really interesting, deserving, special, struggling, overcoming, surviving, and completely surprised bloggers.

Can you imagine a blog post all of a sudden getting HUNDREDS of comments, out of the blue?  Wanna play?

The rules are simple.  DL picks the bloggers.  He sends out the link to the team a few days ahead of time, and sometimes the reason for the Blitz Victim.  Other times it’s a random number generator recipient.  We go read and comment on the post.  He’s even kind (and smart…) enough to send out a mid-day reminder on Blitz Day in case our calendars are malfunctioning or our day is.

The only way you can GET BLITZED is if you’re on the team out there also doing the work of surprising the bloggers.  He’s currently working on a goal of 500 participants.  At last peek, the list was at 392 participants.

I think a wonderful Valentine for DL would be a lot of people signing up TODAY.  It would be like HE’S getting blitzed.  Of course, for that I need your help.  I’ve never asked this before, but would you tweet about this?  Here’s the bare link:

Here’s a sample tweet for you to copy:

I’d love for him to hit his goal soon.  He’s currently on a blogging break to finish one of his novels, so it would be a great surprise.
Spread the love.  Join the team.  Spread even more love: invite others to join the team.  You just might be the next recipient of a whole load of bloggy love some unexpected day.


P.S If you join, grab the badge and link it the same link I provided because it has the sign-up list.  THANKS.  Just like the A-Z Challenge, this is about community and supporting one another and holding each other up and encouraging one other words, TWUE WUV!  Happy Valentine's Day.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Can you imagine five hundred comments? That's almost twice the amount I've ever received.

shelly said...

He's got a cool idea

Anonymous said...

Well deserved everyone of those comments,


DL Hammons said...

Now that's what I call a SHOUT OUT! :) Thank you so much Tina. What started out as a simple..almost childlike idea...has really blossomed into something everyone can relate to.

Thanks again! :)

Brian Miller said...

ah. that is pretty cool...used to run with a group that would do something similar, less organized...we would have a party in the comment box of other friends....end up with 1000s of comments over was funny to get the email from them in the

Andrew Leon said...

It's a great idea. I just don't think I can commit to the blitzing part. I barely make the places I already have to go.

Rusty Carl said...

What an amazing idea. I've got a few more places to visit tonight and I don't have much time. I'm going to come back and follow the link to see what's going on over there. It really does sound pretty awesome.

Jo said...

The idea was good so I joined, but then I see all the comments Alex gets and he says he doesn't get 500, I am surprised, anyway, the thought of getting that many posts at once terrified me, so I quit.

klahanie said...

Hi Tina,

It is, in principle, a good idea. I know that the ethos behind it is worthy and altruistic. And I'm actually a part of it. I get the email notifications from him.

To give some balance to this, I hope I never get blitzed. Not like I would expect to. The one downer about D.L's blitz is that some folks are very disrespectful when they leave a comment on the blogger's site. All they do is mention the blitz and make no mention of the actual posting.

Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day, Tina.

Gary :)

Claudia said...

haha...santa sneaking into someone's house... it's nice to surprise people like that... sounds like fun..

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina .. I love his idea of blitzing a blogger .. and that everyone embraces the idea.

I'll be over to give him a Valentine's Day belated hug ..

Cheers Hilary

JoJo said...

A few of my old posts ended up with over 100 comments....then when I looked, 6 of them were the original 'real' ones and the others were spam. That's when I turned off my ability to leave anon. comments. I would like to participate but I am afraid that my time is iffy right now. If we lose power in this current blizzard that is bearing down on us, it might actually kill my computer.

Unknown said...

It's one of the best things going on in the blogiverse.

I'm going to do a shouout post about it soon :)

I already tweet about it when I can.