Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random Act of Kindness

I am happy to report that there are still nice people out there who do random acts of kindness for others. It's a good thing, because I needed this R.A.O.K because as it turns out, someone had done a random act of vandalism on my car.

I'm in line a l o n g time before I even get into the test bay at Air Care Colorado, our state run emissions testing station. I'm ushered politely into the tunnel-o-more-waiting. Almost immediately the polite young man who processed me comes to me and says,

You do know you don't have a gas cap, right?”
Yeah, I know. It broke off a long time ago and I've never replaced it.”
No, ma'am. I'm not talking about the door. I mean gas CAP.”

I lose it. I've had a pretty stressful ten days, I know they test the gas cap for leakage, I've been to emissions testing three times in the fall already with The Transporter's car which failed (among other tests) the gas cap test. 

I imagine myself going home, cannibalizing one of our other Volvos, and then remember that the gas cap which passed is on The Tranporter's car. Which is in Boulder, with The Engineer, at work, because we're waiting for his car parts to arrive and the weather to thaw so he can fix his. (When you drive old cars, always have a spare...) And of course I have no idea where mine is.

I apologize for crying hysterically over a gas cap (and of course over all the facts of the above paragraph and having to come back and get in line again because I've procrastinated so well that it's the next to the last day to accomplish this, but I don't share that...I'm just telling you why I'm nuts) and explain that it's been a bad week.

Stay right here.”

He literally slinks off, looks around, and then grabs one of their gas caps and puts it on my car.

That ought to make your week just a tiny bit better.”

I beam and thank him, drying my eyes.

When the test is over, I notice that there is once again no gas cap. Makes sense. I PASS EMISSIONS. Miracle. As soon as the paperwork guy is done with me he dismisses me.

All of a sudden, I see Mr. Nice Guy sneaking back over, and hear the distinct Volvo click of a tight gas cap. He pats my car like they do at pit stops in Nascar and runs off before I can thank him.

I was shocked. What a totally nice thing to do for this hysterical lady about to just totally lose her marbles. Made my day. Which was a good thing, because when I got to the DMV, and W A I T E D again, one of the other vehicles I was renewing needed proof of insurance, and I didn't have it with me, and my agents office which I called to have them FAX proof was already closed for the I get to go back today. On the last business day of the month. Looking forward to it.


P.S I can hear you saying, “I bet she just didn't put it on when she last got gas.” No way. It was a freezing day, we'd just had a snowstorm, and without the door covering my cap, it was crusted with snow and ice. I remember when I went to put it back on considering getting my gloves but I hate getting them gas smelling, so I just took one for the team and twisted that cold, icy cap back on. We have had a string of car vandalism in town, all over town, random things. What would they want with my gas cap? Ooohhh...maybe they need it to pass emissions...


klahanie said...

Dear Tina,

And through all the stressful moments you've encountered as of late, you get those magical moments that restore your faith in humanity.

I thought it was standard in cars now that you have to release the gas cap from a lever inside the vehicle. Then again, how old is your Volvo.

Take care and know I'm always in the background if you need to chat.

Hugs and stay warm,

Gary :)

JoJo said...

that was so great of him to help you out like that. We don't have emissions here but we do have inspection and that's always stressful because they check EVERYTHING.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

I know there is some great people made of kindness, you being one of them. We have become brother and sister over the years, you don't hear it enough... you matter to me and for that screaming I tend to do. It is a good world, good people and good souls... I am glad you found one at the emission testing facilitates... for you it was way more than just a gas cap!

Brian Miller said...

nice....even thieves are it was just an extra laying around...and yes, that is very cool...i love it when people go out of their way to help other....smiles.

LD Masterson said...

We need to share things like this whenever they happen (and that's more often than we think). There's too much focus on what's bad and not enough on what's good.

Unknown said...

With all that has gone on around you, it is great to hear of the random kindness of strangers.

Unknown said...

People can surprise you--on both ends of the spectrum. I'm so glad you had someone thoughtful there when you really needed them:)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Now that was a really awesome thing that young man did for you. I still believe most people are good and want to do nice things. Just not enough step up to the plate and take action.
Glad you passed inspection.
Have a great Thanksgiving, Tina.

Andrew Leon said...

emissions and the dmv on the same day...
that's like... hell...

Amanda Lee said...

I'm really mad that someone stole your gas cap! But, I am really heartened by the kind person at emissions :)

We lost our Cadillac emblem to punk vandals years ago. I will never understand why some people think it's funny to steal and destroy...

Jo said...

What a nice young man. We lost our hood ornament years ago, didn't bother to replace it, it would only disappear again. Only lost a gas cap through our carelessness.

I am so glad that doesn't happen to us, we make an appointment and get our inspection done quite quickly, no lines.

Hope you have a love Thanksgiving Tina and not too stressful. You deserve a break.

Briane said...

What an awesome story!

I'm sorry you had such a terrible week. I felt so bad for you when you wrote the part about bursting into tears.

If it helps at all, people here in Wisconsin (me, and my family) are thinking kind thoughts of you and keeping you in our prayers.

Have a great Thanksgiving. I wish I could send you some of my homemade Chex Mix. That always makes me feel better. I will symbolically set aside some of it for you.

shelly said...

It's all good.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chocolate hugs!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Sad you have been dealing with stress but I'm glad there was a bit of silver lining. Enjoy the holiday!

Lucky225 said...

I hate the emissions test people, got into arguments about not having a track-off button to turn traction control off on my bonneville, had to come back twice and then show them ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE that vehicles that don't have traction control button are to go through the 4x4 lane even when 2 wheel drive. Now I have a new vehicle that does NOT HAVE A GAS CAP ( -- can't wait to go rounds with them in 4 years when emissions is due