Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Compromise

I want to clear up a few points regarding my Black Friday rant.  I think I got so rant-y that I wasn't clear.

I am not against stores opening early and giving good deals. JUST DON'T OPEN ON THANKSGIVING. To me this means you open on Friday morning, and not butt-crack-of-dawn early either, because then you're just depriving people of sleep. 5 am to me seems reasonably (foolishly...) early enough. That way the bargain hunters can get a modest amount of sleep, get up around 4am, throw their clothes on and go battle the hordes, should they choose.  Besides, whatever time you say you're opening, they'll be there.  Why make it so early?  It's not going to deter anyone determined enough to take part in this craziness.  (That was foreshadowing.)

I am not against the ads. Just give them to me in the Thanksgiving paper like you used to.  I just think having pre-Black Friday deals the entire week before Thanksgiving (my favorite day of the year as you may have heard) takes away from the specialness of THE day we are meant to be celebrating. It's like having all the Christmas decorations up in the store before Halloween. I hate that too.

Any questions? And Mr. Briane Pagel, I'm eagerly awaiting your “respectfully disagree” rebuttal. Very eagerly. BRING IT ON!


All that said, you can't keep The Engineer away from a tool which is 1/3 the regular price AND needed for the dreadful bathroom project, AND he has declared as his Christmas present from me. (That's how we do it – I got new Vibram Five Finger Shoes because I, of all hideous outcomes, LOST MINE somewhere. I hate losing things. Seems so...unintelligent.) 

Anyway, of course this is a doorbuster Black Friday special and I sit down to “calmly discuss” my objections to his adventure. He (actually) calmly points out that:

Home Depot opens at 5. (Ok, that's OK, I can go with that IF:

They weren't open on Thanksgiving. Which they weren't (thank you Home Depot, you are now my favorite Home Depot-ish store).

So they rise (early), go, and conquer. And also scored packs of 24 AA batteries for $4 per pack. Yeah for my conquerors!  Yes, this probably makes me a hypocrite.  It wouldn't be the first time...


There's also a bonus to this story. When I get up, OYT is already up, and I ask him to make me breakfast.

We call this omelet with a piece of bread squished into it. Maybe I'll write another piece about cooking...another day. We have a second Thanksgiving dinner to go to with The Advocate's extended family. 25 people. My kind of party!

I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. See you Monday!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I just did all of my Black Friday shopping online. Think I got up around nine o'clock. It was awesome.
Working on putting up the the Christmas trees right now. (Yes, we have several. Makes the wife happy.)
Your breakfast looks good!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
And that might be one of the longest comments I've ever made...

Briane said...


In the run-up to Thanksgiving, you must have missed it. I did my own anti-Rant here:

And I think we can all agree, I was brilliant. (I counted only my votes.)

Your cooking looks so delicious.

(And the grilled cheese you suggested gets a guest spot in my rant!)

Hope your Black Friday went well. We took the boys to see Santa and for the first time ever they talked to him! (Well, Mr Bunches did. Mr F gave him a fist bump.)

Brian Miller said...

ha its kinda like french toast...smiles....i stuck my head in a store just to see and nah, it was not good...fodder for future writing eh? smiles.

Andrew Leon said...

I went no where today. And only to the place of the food yesterday. I'm doing pretty well, I think.

How do you lose your shoes? Did you take off your feet somewhere?

JoJo said...

that looks really good! Like a super eggy french toast! YUM! There is no way you'd get me out on Black Friday at those ridiculous hours. No way. It makes me ill that some of them opened last night.

Unknown said...

My wife has been shopping
on the laptop. I had to go to CVS for meds, and to the local feed store for dog chewys (yes for the dogs!)

Bethie said...

Does your family want you with them on Thanksgiving or out buying things? Shame on us if we put stuff ahead of spending time with loved ones. I've had to miss many holidays, but at least it was taking care of sick kids, not fighting over a Furbie or X-Box.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the Thanksgiving day Black Thursday (basically). I'm all about shopping online for Christmas to avoid crowds, anyway. However, I used to work at and then manage movie theaters. We were open all day for every major holiday. In fact, we closed once in all the time I worked there, and that was for a blizzard where they declared it illegal to be on the streets unless you had a Hummer. It was mostly military out doing emergency runs for hospital stops. I think that was 1998. I worked every holiday for years, missing the family dinner. I hated it. But if I wanted to keep my job, I had to do it. I see this as more of the same. It would be nice if everyone shut down, including movie theaters. BUT we always had people come into the theater. In fact, holidays were sell-out days. Family would eat then come out to a movie. I sort of hated them.

Even when we opened on Day 2 of that big-ass blizzard in '98 (I think), people walked over from a nearby hotel to watch movies. No one else came, but the hotel people did.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

Hi Tina,
Thanks for sharing this :-)

Annalisa Crawford said...

Lol... losing things is unintelligent - love this!!

Jo said...

Then there are the medical people and the police and the prison officers, all of whom have to work on holidays. So do travel staff in planes and boats.

I wouldn't shop Black Friday for all the Tea in China. I try and buy anything I want on line anyway, all through the year.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Black Friday needs to start on-um...Friday. Let people digest their turkey, for crying out loud.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina - if someone wants to go out to one of those sales - frankly they take their life in their hands .. and I'd rather stay away!

OYT is a good lad .. looking after his Mom like that - keeping her sweet!!??!!

Hope your Thanksgiving parties were fun and you were able to enjoy yourself ... cheers Hilary

Rachel said...

I can understand the online stuff for Black Friday being a week early because of shipping and stuff, but ughhh. It gets so ridiculous. One of my friends goes every year because her family is tight on money, which I totally understand and support, but I had to explain the workers are missing their own holiday because they're working to serve her and people like her. It makes me crazy!