Friday, July 30, 2010

Saved Symphony

Anticipation heavy
With fury and fervor
A symphony arrives
First, low rumbling, then
The cascade begins,
Rain dances in crowns,
its impact
for a split-second
reflected back
Want to capture the crowns
And save them
Not for a rainy day,
For the steamy day
When I'll toss them about
To relive the storm

For more Flash Friday 55, go see g-man's comments. That's where you leave your link, too.

Thanks go to the amazingly gifted Jane at Aging Mommy. She wrote a wonderful poem about a storm as a symphony. I stole her idea and made my own. Here's hers. (At the bottom of the post, but don't skip it! She writes with humor and honesty.)


Brian Miller said...

excellent...i can see the crowns as the rain hits...yeah if only we could save them up fo the days we need to cool off...smiles.

magiceye said...

wow! marvelous!

Unknown said...

Shhhhh...I think I hear the faint chorus of raindrops approaching now. Very well done!

Anonymous said...

This is an intriguing 55.

Monkey Man said...

Love storms and this 55.

One Photo said...

I love this Tina - some day you and I will get to sit on the deck with a glass of chardonnay and watch a storm together.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

vivid images,
dancing words...
nice 55.

G-Man said...

You sure have a descriptive way about you.
loved your Summer Rain 55..
You Rocked this one baby!
Thanks for playing today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

I like the idea of Flash Friday 55 and your way with words.