Friday, July 16, 2010

Love Knots

Her wares are carefully spread
The colorful scarves
Waving their welcome
In the humid breeze

Her fingers fly
In practiced rhythm
The yarn unfurls
With her tug

Another scarf
Taking shape
In the puddle of rainbow hues
At her feet

They come
Hands rifling
They choose
Her love will now
Hug another
She sighs

OOPS.  I've had this up all day with no credit to the meme host.  Sorry about that g-man.  This is a Flash Friday 55.  If you'd like to try this, give it a whirl, then visit the g-man and tell him about it, putting your link in the comment.  


PattiKen said...

That is lovely, Tina. Well done. I can see the beautiful scarves, though buying one in a "humid breeze" probably wouldn't occur to me.

purejoy said...

yes. the humid breeze threw me off too. i was talking knitting with a novice knitter and admitted that i can't bring myself to touch it during the summer.

lovely prose.

Brian Miller said...

ah, beautiful 55...some great imagery...puddles of rainbows....and she gives her love away to love another...very nice. have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

I am going to share this with Julie from My Good Babushka. She would appreciate this as she sells her knitting as well. Lovely play on words my dear!

Monkey Man said...

I like the imagery too. great 55. My 55 is HERE .

One Photo said...

I am so definitely going to have to try this but keep forgetting about it. Great 55 again Tina, you have a wonderful ability to capture so very much in so very few words, a talent I have yet to master :-)

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I think I'm the novice knitter Pure Joy mention. Yes, I'm learning, and yes I love it. Starting something new on Monday, with my "knitting sensei's" help.

This was beautiful.

magiceye said...

vivid imagery... beautiful!!

g-man said...

I still have stuff my Mom knitted for me before I was born...In 1949.
Loved your 55 Tina.
Your gonna give me a complex!!!
Thanks for finally remembering...hehehehe
Have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen

Donnetta said...

Really enjoyed your 55er. True poet and quite a way with words. Look forward to your next one! D

Claudia said...

furl and unfurl - great image!

Claudia said...

Oh - and I LOVE your blog layout!!

anthonynorth said...

Some beautiful images in this. Enjoyed it.

Janna said...

Awww, this is sweet.
It reminds me of my mother, who loves doing arts and crafts (including knitting) and sells many of these projects in her salon.

Very nice.
And exactly 55! :)

Thanks for visiting the Jannaverse!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

amazing 55.

Anonymous said...

Wow that was excellent my friend. Very very nice. Welcome to 55 :) Thanks for stopping by my playground. Much appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend :)