Friday, June 13, 2014

The June-a-palooza IWM Blogocalypse Blog Tour continues! Please Welcome The Indie Writers Monthly!

Today I'm hosting some friends promoting their latest endeavor.  It's what this community is all about: helping each other whenever we can. Please welcome Briane Pagel and his buddies....

The June-a-palooza IWM Blogocalypse Blog Tour continues! IWM, as I AM SURE YOU KNOW because you've read all these already, stands for "Indie Writers Monthly," which in turn stands for a blog and magazine put out by 5 great speculative fiction writers, offering you tips on writing and publishing and more, which in turn is the secret behind how Swiss cheese gets its holes. (AND YOU THOUGHT IT WAS MARTIANS? Silly.)

This is a vase full of
Cap'n Crunch Cereal. It has
nothing to do with this post.
This is part THREE of this modestly-titled tour, which presents to you


Part 1 appeared on Sizzling Hot YA Books, and told how reading IWM will teach you how to time travel.

Part 2 appeared on lit, a place for stories, and told how reading IWM will give you super powers.

Part 3 appeared on Laws Of Gravity, and showed how IWM brings your childhood friends to life.

And so we come to number 4, which is a doozy*

*"doozy" comes from the ancient Latin word "deus-e," which, when literally translated, means "Nobody is ever going to speak this language anyway so we may as well make up words"
#4: We have The Blutonian Death Egg.

Now, first off, many people will tell you "Hey, if you have some sort of all-powerful death machine, you don't reveal that in Part IV, you save it for the end, otherwise you're going to have to do something stupid like have them make another all-powerful death machine, and you're going to feel mighty stupid, even before you put in the medieval teddy bears."  DO NOT LISTEN TO THOSE PEOPLE, because they are just jealous of you and George Lucas.

The Blutonian Death Egg, as you have gathered, is an all-powerful universal destruction machine.  Or so I guess.  I guess that because IWM Writer Rusty Carl is the creator and current owner of The Blutonian Death Egg (he even named his blog after it), and he won't tell anyone what it is.

But trust us. It's superpowerful and you don't want to mess with it.

That's not all Rusty has.  Rusty is responsible for inventing Killbots, and unleashed on the world one of the baddest bad guys of all time, the titular (and wrathful) star of his first book:

I understand Rusty posed for the picture himself.

Rusty's contributions to our site include tips on writing and links to and thoughtful discussions of actual mind-blowing science topics, and he is perhaps one of the most-well-read people I've met, judging by the number of tweets in which he mentions books he's reading.

If you want to be a great writer, especially a great speculative fiction writer, you've got to understand the villains, and Rusty does that better than almost every other writer I read. (Er... I mean except the other IWMers who are all exactly the equal of Rusty.)(Sorry, Rusty, I mean you are of course the best.)

*Looks around for side door to slip out of, doesn't find one, sighs.*

And remember, Rusty is just one of the five writers you'll get writing and publishing tips from on IWM.  The MOST DANGEROUS ONE. Don't make me send him to your house with his Killbots and Death Eggs.  Just go ahead and bookmark Indie Writers Monthly.  Click here to go to the site.

The author, demonstrating his inability to master the "selfie."

While we're at it, The IWM June issue is on sale on Amazon for just $0.99 -- a bargain at 10 times the price! Well, not really, but it's a bargain at THIS price. Click here for that.

And there's still time to enter a story in our time travel anthology contest! Win prizes! Details here. (And if you need a bit of extension on the deadline, just ask. We're nice folk.)(Also, get it? Still time?)

Please take some time to visit my buddies.  They are a fun bunch, and I'm happy to have them here promoting their latest.



Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina .. so pleased you've got such a fun sounding bunch of Indie Writers helping out at BlogTina ..

Briane's promotion and joys at Indie Writing .. must help authors so much - congratulations to one and all ..

Good luck in writing and in health .. cheers Hilary

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Read everything Rusty's ever written (including THE Blutonian Death Egg) and thought it was brilliant.

Brian Miller said...

some pretty sound endorsement there....just about done with the game of thrones series...and will be looking for some reading...

Briane said...

Thanks for posting this, Tina!

Alex: You're 100% right about Rusty's talent. And that's all the percents there are!

After reading GoT, you're still up for more? I'd think you'd need an eyeball transplant. Martin's the only guy who's wordier than me. (Proust has us both beat.)


We are a fun bunch! We only blow up worlds if we ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO and we (usually) regret it.

Unknown said...

Rusty is good people!
Why are there Superheros guarding the Cap'n Crunch Cereal vase?

Briane said...


Are you going to just leave your Cap'n Crunch UNGUARDED? With all these Killbots and Death Eggs around? That's asking for trouble.

Anonymous said...

I too am quite dismayed to see Cap'n left on his own to guard the Crunch.

And can those Killbots say "blogocalypse" three times quickly because THAT would be impressive. Maybe they'll teach me how in Part V.

Mason Canyon said...

Sounds like some interesting reading.

Silvia Writes said...

Lovely post, Tina. I had to smile at the selfie photo, because I, too, struggle with this art. Good reading all around, by the sound of it. Thank you for giving indie writers such great support.

Briane said...


The Killbots have been grounded until they clean their room.




It's not generally known but the only reason Leonardo da Vinci did all that inventing is because he couldn't take a good selfie. Unlike Van Gogh, who NAILED IT.

cleemckenzie said...

Okay I can handle a Blutonian Death Egg. No sweat. I can trace that rather dubious etymology for "doozy" because it was a doozy. And I want at least one of my childhood friends brought to life, so I can whomp him good. I've been plotting that since I was ten.

However, you've shaken me to my core by telling me the true secret about Swiss cheese. I may never recover.

Andrew Leon said...

You know, I cooked one of those Death Eggs for breakfast. They're good on hamburgers.

Unknown said...

Lots of good reading swag, here, Tina, and good for you for supporting Indie Authors. I think they can use all the support they can get. :)

I have Rusty's Dead God's Wrath-- he's a hoot.