Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's a War Zone Out There

I decide after being cooped up 
Too long, for sanity to stay
Much longer
I must make a dash
A get-away
A walk-about
Get the hell out of the house

I refuse to wear a mask,
don't want attention
I refuse to wait,
I think I'll explode

The artillery is flying
Almost invisible, those pesky
Mold particles
Pollen pieces, more menacing now

Grass clippings - those I can see

I make a dash for the car, holding my breath
I see it coming
A cloud
It's like's really like cotton

Like the cotton I told the told the doctor
Someone had stuffed,
into my lungs,
which made it hard,
for me to breathe,
so that each sentence,
was about this long,
as I gasped for air,
in his office, and told him
this was ridiculous

He agreed
He gave me drugs
He told me patience
I said I had none
He said that was good, or
I wouldn't be so anxious
To be well
To be whole
To draw a real breath
To play outside
To take a walk
To sit on my front porch
To watch the sunset

To open a window, to the world
And actually be a part of it


Haven't whined about my health in a long time.  Just couldn't take it one more day.  Excuse the rant.  When you can't breathe, nothing else really 

©2014 All Rights Reserved
Photo credit: Greyed out pollen
Photo credit: enhanced pollen (this is a hollyhock, which I have a lot of in my flower beds)
Photo credit: cottonweed blowing in the wind (shut up Bob Dylan, I'm not in the mood)


Julia Thorley said...

Tina, beautiful pics of something awful. Chin up, my dear!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your poem!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Breathing is rather important! Hope those are good drugs. I have allergies and you captured the sensation well. Although add a ton of sneezing to my reaction.

Mason Canyon said...

You definitely captured the emotions of allergy season. Hope the visit to the doc helped. It's rough not being about to get outside when it's so pretty.

Pickleope said...

Here's hoping you find some relief soon. I get allergies but perhaps not as bad as you seem to be afflicted. Sorry it's so rough on you.

Unknown said...

Sometimes it might be good to live in a bubble!

Brian Miller said...

ugh i feel you on the need to escape...i have been penned up for short periods of time and have felt it...i can only imagine for you...hard too when you you know it will get you too...breathing is important...ugh

Melissa said...

Surprisingly, mine have not been as bad this year... until I undertook a major cleaning of the house. *cough cough*

Hope you feel better soon.

Rachel said...

Even though it's written about something bad, it was still a nice poem. I wish you didn't have to write it from experience though.

Susan Scott said...

I also was thinking how lovely was the poem out of something so unpleasant. Hope this passes soon Tina ...
Garden of Eden Blog

Al Diaz said...

Sorry you're feeling not well. Allergies suck. Sending you good vibes for an improved health and plenty of dragon hugs!

Michelle Wallace said...

Hope you feel better soon!

klahanie said...

Dear Tina,

I hope that your poetic verbalisation gives you some modicum of comfort.

Despite all your health concerns, you stay remarkable. Thanks for this posting from a special lady.

Hugs and hope,


Jo said...

I get very mild allergies, glad I don't have the same problems you do. Loved the way you expressed them. All the best dear Tina. Hope the meds work. Having lived with two asthmatics I know what fighting for breath is like.

TheCyborgMom said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Tina! It sucks not feeling well :(
~Katie (your soul sista in crappy health)

Anonymous said...

Tina - i can't imagine the combo of asthma with the allergies as there have been years when my allergies alone required a mask. You wrote a lovely poem about an awful human suffering for so msny like you. I hope our cotton season is over soon.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Dear Tina - that sounds as though it's really very difficult and uncomfortable .. and I hope you can obtain some relief ...

Getting out when it's summer is so liberating - so I can hear and feel your frustration at being stuck inside ...

Just sincerely hope everyone is doing what they can for you ... my thoughts and hugs - Hilary

TaMara Sloan said...

You did a fabulous job of describing exactly how I feel every single spring. I hope you get some relief.

TaMara @ Tales of a Pee Dee Mama