Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jeremy's "It's Time" Book Tour

Today I'm honored and delighted to welcome my buddy Jeremy Hawkins to Life is Good. Jeremy is on an extensive blog tour – he's got 4 new books now available! These amazing art books are a glimpse into his mind, images he's created over the years and has put together in a series called It's Time 12:34, 12;35, 12:36, and 12:37. As he cruises around the blogosphere, he'll be sharing personal stories – different ones at each blog he visits – and I was lucky enough to get the Batman story. Batman is my favorite superhero. So take it away Jeremy! 

So here I am faced with a dilemma where I get to entertain you on this wonderful site and with the hopes to keep your attention on the rest of my stops. My thought is to share a true story… my first encounter with a celebrity. 

With this story I will travel in time, going back the seventies [1974] when bell bottoms were cool and so was a trip to the Toy’s “r” Us. You remember they would have characters from your favorite shows and movies come in and put us in awe. Who could forget the giant giraffe “Geoffrey”… well let’s forget, cause today he is a cartoon and I say boo. I am off subject I am going to write about the day this little kid, me… met Batman… yes Batman.

I am six and I have just learned that the caped crusader was coming to my local 7-11 

and he will be signing autographs. At the time I knew nothing of actors who played people because to me there were only my mom, dad and action figures. I am six years old and standing in my first line to meet one of my toys in real life, I could not contain my excitement… but wait this line is really long who the heck are these people. I wanted to have a little one on one with him, I am confused who were these other people. 

My mother said to me “fans of Batman” and she didn’t believe this line either, so we stand for what seemed like forever. From out of nowhere music begins to play, crowd starts to cheer as a caped man runs up and down this line of people. Greeting all the little crime fighters with a wave and finger to eye gesture. I am confused giving the 6 year old “WTF” look to my mother as this guy runs into the store and we wait.

We start to move, and my father has now joined as we wait, he was there the whole time… just sitting in the car. My mother assured me that this was the real guy and he makes appearance all over the world to make sure good kids stay good, so I am happy again. We move forward and forward again… what seems like hours is actually hours. I see the card table and Batman. My father hands me a giant comic book Scarecrow vs. Batman… I am nervous and kid curious until I am at the edge. A friendly greet from this masked man and his question “do you want me to sign that”… I said nothing. I was blank. It was over; I missed my chance for the solid one on one. I read that comic book for weeks staring at the scribble that read “stay good” Batman, really not knowing what happened that day.

Years later I did get the chance to interview Adam West [TV Batman], but you will have to follow my tour to read how that went.
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For more celebrity stories, be sure to check out all the tour dates/places over at Being Retro.  Thanks for being here today, Jeremy!


Tammy Theriault said...

Jeremy has quite the "unique" way of making me want to buy buy buy!! loved it!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

That was quite an experience. Any six year old would freeze meeting Batman.

Mark K said...

Great story, gutted you didn't speak to him as a kid, but I could feel the moment. Brilliant as always, my friend :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm sure your interview with West went much better! As in, you actually spoke and everything. Oh well, at least you still have the comic book.

shelly said...

I had a meltdown in the Macy Department store at the age of two when I met Santa. That's my celebrity story.

Hugs and chocolate,


Lucy said...

Wow, at age 6 and here I am at 47 with no celebrity experience :)

Lucy from Lucy's Reality

Brian Miller said...

nice...batman is my all time i might have been without words as well...interviewing adam west as that is interesting....very cool to meet you....

Jeremy [Retro] said...

@Tammy T... Please do, I think unique is a nice way to say "odd bird"... and I am cool with that!

@Sheena... I have had a world of adventures, someday maybe I should write a book.

@Mark... Thank you, it's funny I was star-struck and it was just a guy in a costome, I think?

@Alex... Adam West is another story where I built my reputation for the insult king.

@Shelly... That was another santa-beast.. we cried and yet our parents were putting us there in that awkward situation.

@Lucy... I think there is time, look into your area for conventions... it's funny I never started to think of all the people I have met until this tour.

@Brian... I am not sure if the first shock pushed me not to be afraid... now the story I have about Mr. T. he was interesting too.

Unknown said...

I did the same thing when I met Darth Vader, when I was about 6 or 7. He signed a pic of himself as I stood in awe.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

@David... I met him too in a Venture store a few years later... I just remember all the toys they had from wall to wall... thinking now I should have gotten a few more toys...

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I stood in line to meet the Mercury cougar once. (Fortunately, it was the real Mercury cougar.) No autograph, but I did get my picture taken with a baby cougar.

Maurice Mitchell said...

That would be the best and worst day of my life Jeremy. Can't wait for your next autograph story. Thanks for hosting Tina!

Jeremy [Retro] said...

@L. Diane... that is cool, I remember not being to able to meet the Michelin Tire Man, but you got to interact with a cougar.

@Maurice... it's funny the stuff we keep in our heads and so many years remember the whole event, though being able to speed it up. In your head.

DEZMOND said...

I thought Supes was your fave superhero, Jeremy :)

JoJo said...

Shades of Ralphie Parker finally getting to ask Santa for that Official Red Ryder bb gun with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time. lol My first 'celebrities' would be seeing the Banana Splits at a restaurant on Easter Sunday in what was probably 1969 or 70 when I was 5.

Anonymous said...

How very exciting that you got to interview West... I would have been so excited. Am now following you on facebook and twitter:)

Jeremy [Retro] said...

@Dezzy... it the beginning my parents wanted us to have separate interest so we didn't fight over the toys we had.

@JoJo... I love the Banana Splits, the ape/monkey was my favorite.

@TF... thank you and the Adam West thing, well that is going to be interesting.

Stephen Tremp said...

Have to laugh at JoJos comments about the Banana Splits. I remember that Saturday morning show.

Good luck Jeremy with everything!

Carol Kilgore said...

Great story! I would've freaked seeing Batman run around.

klahanie said...

Hey Tina and Jeremy!

Gotta' check y'all out a bit more thoroughly, Jeremy. Not you, personally, your links :)

I must find out if Batman gets his costumes from Cape Town.

Yep, I will share this on all those social 'notworks', even Farcebook!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a memorable experience. I used to enjoy those old Batman shows when I was a kid; seeing them now, I can't believe how campy/corny they were. All of it intentional, of course.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

Thanks "Tina" the host of this site for letting me share a little about me with you and thank you for stopping over and commenting. May I interest you in following the rest of the tour, giveaways, me and stories... await!
Jeremy H.

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