Monday, October 8, 2012

MMM: Monday Movie Meme: Dangerous Kids

Hey, I'm getting to do MMM instead of TMM. Confused? It's Nicole'sMonday Movie Meme.  I've been managing to get them up on Tuesdays... She's chosen for today's topic “dangerous kids”. I'm going two directions in this one.  Don't forget to click on the movie names for the IMDB page

This movie came to mind immediately because dangerous doesn't necessarily mean dangerous physically, as in the examples Nicole chose. Dangerous can be psychological and emotional as well. This movie shows that concept very well actually. I know there are many out there who think that John Hughes movies from the 80's were crap and over-exaggeration of high school. I'm here to tell you differently. Molly Ringwald's character was persecuted just because she didn't have as much money as some of the kids who were rich and “ran” the school. They played psychological games with her, just to prove how much she didn't fit in.

I've experienced it. When I had to move from MD to CO for my senior year of high school, I didn't fit in at my small, Christian school. (I'd attended public school my entire school career). These girls wore dresses and heels and HOSE to school and wanted nothing to do with a girl who was tainted by public school, wore jeans and t-shirts, and would rather make friends with the less-judgmental guys. I give John Hughes props for telling some of the stories we'd frankly like to pretend aren't real.

I just love this movie. Not usually one for campy, I did enjoy the booby traps that Kevin sets for the bumbling burglars. Besides, I've always been a Joe Pesci fan. I'm sure that were some of those stunts to be performed for real, they'd have some serious head trauma at the very least, but it's kept light and funny and the smart kid shows that he can be dangerous if messed with.

So there you have it, two opposite movies, but I think you'll enjoy them both. They are both good for discussion when watched with the appropriate aged child/teenager. My boys are slowly warming to John Hughes and me wanting to talk all about them. It's amazing what a bowl of my famous popcorn and some twizzlers can do for their enthusiasm, though.

What movies do you think of when you hear “dangerous kids”?
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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think The Warriors, but that might be a little too dangerous.

shelly said...

Hey Tina,

I was a kid going to high school in the eighties. The were cruel. I was bullied or poked fun at everyday. However, its much worse today.

Hugs and chocolate,

JoJo said...

Movies with dangerous kids...hmmm...well the first one that came to mind was "The Outsiders". That was a good lookin cast..yes indeedy it was... lol The book was a little more dangerous than the movie.

You are probably too young to remember "Bless the Beasts and the Children" which starred Bill Mumy (from Lost in Space fame) when he was about 15. A bunch of bullied, misfit, sensitive boys who finally push back at the end.

Brian Miller said...

the legend of billie jean gets and obscure vote from me...or the goonies...

Hart Johnson said...

I'm with Alex--Warriors was such an intense movie--those were definitely dangerous kids. Or The Outsiders--that's another good one. Or Lost Boys... I do love John Hughes though, and Home Alone is fabulous.

Nicole said...

Yeah, you really did take a different route with this one. I've watched Home Alone several times and although I'm not familiar with the "Pink" movie, it sounds like a worthwhile picture. That one and Home Alone are two opposites but fit the profile in one way, shape or form.

For some reason, I'm guessing that Alex's choice fits my meme a little too well, which is scary but now I want to check out The Warriors, just to find out what its all about. Brian Miller's "Goonies" selection reminds me that I really need to watch that thing. I never saw it before. JoJo is on to something with "The Outsiders" although I must say....weren't they teenagers in that movie?

When I picked the topic, I was kinda referring to kids that we normally don't expect to be dangerous. Having teenage cousins, I've come to possibly expect them to cause all kinds of ruckus at that age, lol.

Thanks for participating in the Monday Movie Meme, Tina. I like your family oriented approach to this week's topic.

klahanie said...

Hey Tina,
Yes, I'm here, so you can relax. Naturally, the best film about "dangerous kids" is "The Inbetweeners Movie". Gosh, those English kids, eh :)
Anyway Tina, most importantly, continue to take very good care of YOU!
In kindness, Gary

Jeremy Bates said...

Loved (and still do) all of John Hughes' movies, "Pretty in Pink," "St Elmo's Fire," and my ultimate fave (whicj I have seen no less than fitty (lol) times, "The Breakfast Club."

Thanks for the post, it made my day. And you're right, psychological danger is real, just ask my students! lol

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina .. Home Alone I've seen .. it's kind of fun and usually shown at Christmas over here ... Pretty in Pink I don't think I've seen - and certainly didn't know anything about.

It's good to read someone else's take .. makes me look at other films in different light too ..

I tend to do 'serious' movies - ie film society and rarely watch on tv or via DVD - perhaps now I willbe able do some of it ...

Cheers Hilary

Lynn Proctor said...

i love molly ringwald--i watched 16 candles not too long ago--you make me think of american graffiti :)