Friday, June 25, 2010

Flash Friday 55: In Silence

There is no relief from her silent
She longs
Are you coming today?

I'm still here
I'm still me
I just can't tell you

Just because my body
You think my mind

Though I can't reach out, touch
Your hand
Can't spit out the words
All tangled up
I love you

I was thinking of my Grandma Vivian, and how maybe, somewhere deep inside, she still knew me, even though it had been years since she said my name, or recognized me.  I imagined that despite Alzheimer's, she knew who she was and ached to tell us.  She left us in February, and though I'd "missed" her for seven years, I miss her even more now.  
This is my first 55.  I figured since I'd been practicing being concise on Saturday Centus, maybe I could do this too.  And I'm always looking for a good prompt, or new meme to try.

I am participating in Flash Friday 55. This weekly meme is brought to you by G-Man, over at Mr. Know it All. The object is to write a story or prose in exactly 55 words. Come join us and link your 55 in Mr. Know it All's comment section. See you there!


Unknown said...

Wonderful 1st 55. You know, I'm going to give you a link to a post done by my friend Jim concerning his dad who has Alzheimer's and is currently going through what you went through with your grandmother. Maybe you'll find solace in his words as well:

Jim's Poem

steveroni said...

This could be your HUNDREDTH "55" and it would be a winner (G-Man would say, a "Kick-ass" 55!!

So sad, this disease which robs us of our very humanness, our mind.

Please continue doing these--you ARE good! In fact, you have a great blog here, I'll be BACH--grin!

And, if ya wanna visit my "55" GO HERE

Monkey Man said...

Second Alzhiemer's 55 today. Such a horrible desease. My 55 is HERE .

Anonymous said...

This might well be right. How are we to know?

Mine is here.

LemonyRenee' said...

This is lovely, Tina.

One Photo said...

Tina this is such a wonderfully written piece, saying I love it somehow doesn't sound quite right given the subject matter but yet I do. I read Still Alice a while ago and for the first time got an appreciation for just how terrible this disease is. Sorry your family and your Grandma had to go through this experience.

purejoy said...

wow, tina. this is spectacular… you are so gifted. it gave me chills. followed by a heavy sigh.


Viki said...

This is very good. I wonder all the time when I go see mom at the nursing home. Her mind is mostly still there but some residents, don't talk and just seem to not be there. I wonder all the time, if they are thinking what you wrote. Very sad indeed.

g-man said...

This was fantastic!
A very touching subject matter, and wonderfully written!
Excellent 55...
Please join us again anytime...You Rock Girl!
Have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen

lissa said...

wonderful take on 55

thanks for your visit

Life@Cee said...

By far my favorite of your posts, and it's no small feat picking a favorite given the high quality of your writing.