Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday 160: Passing Traditions

Father and son
working together
old teaching young
sharing of tradition
Encouraging words
Chances to try
large hands grip small
Their labor is now over
The feast can begin!

Monkey Man hosts Sunday 160. Like a text message, you have 160 characters to share your thoughts. Head over there and let him know you're playing along in the comments section.


Monkey Man said...

We love feasts...great Sunday 160 and NO - it's not a self portrait. For that you have to read my "Revealed" Flash Fiction from a few weeks ago. Thanks for playing.

Brian Miller said...

nice...always good to see father and son coming along side each other...passing down the skills.

purejoy said...

great picture of generational relationship. all in 160 characters. i'm impressed!

H said...

Great to pass on the skills and the wisdom - and also to build the special bond :)

kavisionz said... sweet is that!! A bond so strong, and further strengthened with all those feasts :)
A really special 160, Tina!

Arlee Bird said...

This is very well done and very true. Sadly it's also something that has become less common than it used to be.

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