Friday, May 2, 2014

Ginormous Thank You to Tina's Terrific Team

Well my lovely ladies, we did it!  Or I should say YOU did it.  I in all honesty could not have done this year's A-Z Challenge without your help, encouragement, funny, silly, uplifting, laugh-out-loud-spit-on-your-laptop emails, or without your immense dedication to this project.

In an ideal, sci-fi world (which maybe one day I'll get back to writing about...) I'd just wormhole or transporter or beam you all here.  We'd go to my favorite restaurant, a home town favorite, genuine one-of-a-kind place called Mike O'Shays.  I've been eating and drinking there for 23 years.  We'd get my favorite big booth in the back and celebrate. I'd buy you all dinner, and drinks, and we'd get to know each other even better.

Alas, even though great sci-fi writers have invented this technology, we cannot use it. So I'm sending you all my cyber hugs and love and an open invitation to come to Colorado and go out on the town!  I know, it's just not the same...

Readers - if you have a moment, I'd appreciate you giving their blogs a visit. They are all amazing in their own ways:

Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me: never fails to make me laugh.  My laptop gets a regular cleaning after reading her blog

Hilary Melton-Butcher @ Positive letters...inspirational stories...: a master at research, a wiz with finding the right pictures, and always, always something new to learn each time I visit

jenn @ quirky pickings: quirky, wonderful, completely honest, you never know what she'll say but it will be the truth 

Jo @ Jo on Food, My Travels, and a Scent of Chocolate: the most regular blogger I know: 6 times a week, open, honest, and I don't know how she does it, but she's already commented almost everywhere I go. Plus a recipe every post.  Yum.

JoJo @Tahoma Beadworks and Photography: master of every craft known to society, expert photographer, funny as all get out - and always a visual treat with each post

Kate @ Another Clean Slate: though living almost the exact opposite of my life, we connect and she can always be counted on to be real, and there for you, no matter what

You ladies made my month lighter, funnier, and full of camaraderie.  Now go take a to all of you.

~Tina, truly blessed with wonderful friends


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I know I couldn't have done it without my awesome Ninja Minions!

Andrea said...

Relax and pour yourself a tall glass or mug of whatever is most appropriate for the time of day (or mood of the day)!

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

Hi Tina!
You Did It!
We Did It!
That is Wonderful!
Keep Going
Good Wishes
~ Phil Your Ex. Minion LOL :-)

CA Heaven said...

Well done. It was really cool to follow your Å-Z posts on Sweden >:)

Cold As Heaven

Jo said...

Thanks you boss. I enjoyed it although the first few days were really hard work. A think a large glass of champagne would fill the bill to celebrate. Maybe I will make it to Colorado one day and we can celebrate in style.

Brian Miller said...

it is def nice to have that team behind you to support not only you but all the others.....well done

Chrys Fey said...

Thank you, Tina and Tina's team, for all you did for this Challenge! :)

JoJo said...

WHOOP WHOOP! Congrats to everyone who finished A-Z!!! Love you all! And I met a fellow Bay Stater along the way, Kate at Clean Slate! :) Thanks for having me Tina! Love you!

Michelle Stanley said...

Thank you for working hard to make the AtoZ challenge a success. I had a wonderful time blogging. Michelle

Damyanti Biswas said...

This year our teams rocked it, I would have SO been lost without my bunch!

And you rocked everything behind the scenes, Tina, the cohost team would have been lost without you :)

Damyanti, My Latest post

Sandy said...

Thanks to all that worked to make a-z a reality, and congrats to all who finished. Life is good. I'm continuing the a-z in May on my blog. I've not put up a linky cause doesn't look like others want to join in; but it gives me structure to keep going.
Sandy at Traveling Suitcase

klahanie said...

Hey human, Tina,

You say you've been eating and drinking there at your "favourite" restaurant for 23 years? You should go home and get some sleep. Good grief, human! :)

And there be your list of "Tina's Terrific Team." Well done to them helping you out and being involved in the alternative challenge to mine.

Well done and now we wait for your reflection pawsts! HELP! LOL

Pawsitive wishes,

Penny, the cordial host of the Alphabark Challenge, 2014! :)

Rachel said...

I will check them all out as soon as I have time! Starting the past Friday night until next Sunday, I am scheduled for 13 shifts at work and I'm struggling hard not to be sick (I typed that with two coughing fits and the inability to breath through my nose so I think I'm losing the battle). So, downtime may mean that sleeping is all I'll have energy to do. But! I am bookmarking this page for when I'm not coughing out my lungs so I can see the amazing people who helped everything this year.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina .. I'm still trying to catch up and just generally tidy up the A-Z before Monday comes around.

It's been an amazing ride and been a privilege to work with you once again .. sorry about the lack of V for Vikings as Visitors in my V post ... but c'est la vie ...

I love that we can learn so much about other places and meet fantastic people through the A-Z and thanks so much for 'sorting it and us out' for the 2014 Challenge once again ...

I hope you're recovering your wits?! I will be around again very soon .. for now - cheers as I still try to catch some bloggers I owe comments to .. slurp of coffee - could do with some of Jo's champers though! Happy days - I might walk to the intertidal zone?! ..... Hilary

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

You're a great leader! Thanks Tina!!