Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rites of Passage

SMK's oldest, SoccerBoy, is graduating this weekend and I'm just as emotional as if he were my own son. This is the boy who has spent the last twelve years running in and out my house. Spending nights and days on end, eating me out of said house and home, always saying please and thank you, and never drinking my last green tea. He has been The Transporter's constant companion, from the sandbox with sippy cups, to gaming buddy, nerf-war team-mate, Pokemon trader, run-to-7-11 for snacks and stay up all night with friend. He's always been around. He's leaving.

Summer job beckons, and he'll be out of town during the week. Then he's off to school over two hours away, on a much deserved soccer scholarship. He'll be GONE. I can't imagine our house without him. We gave up on knocking years ago, so I'll be doing something, door opens, no one seeks me out, and next thing I know, there's a deep-voiced, almost so tall he has to duck into rooms, friendly boy hanging out. Note to self: double what you're making for dinner.

We have certain rules about friends being over when we're gone. He's always the exception. “Well no friends except SoccerBoy, of course.” He IS exceptional. It's not often these days that you're blessed with your son's best friend being a (now) man of integrity and tremendous work ethic, who encourages those with slightly less ambition to DO stuff. “C'mon, let's clean up your room. Your mom will be happy and I can fit a chair in here and actually sit down.” “Dude! Do your laundry! I can't find the headphones!”

SoccerBoy, I wish you all the best as you begin the next chapter in you life. My door is always unlocked for you, I'll probably have some left-over pizza, and your favorite burrito filling. Thanks for the years of joy and fun you've brought to our house. Aim high, travel safe, and let yourself in when you're home visiting.


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Jeremy [Retro] said...

it sounds like a grand time around the madness... congrats to him and always keep a tissue handy. people will make you want to cry, they will see the good things in him and that is cause of good parenting.

the world is yours, now see it from your eyes.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations to a young man who sounds like your second son. And I bet he thinks you're his second mom.

shelly said...

I had similar days but with my daughters' friends. Now they're well into adulthood. Its interesting to see where they go with their lives.

Hugs and chocolate,

Sue McPeak said...

How wonderful for your son to have such an upstanding best friend, and how lucky for him to have a loving and appreciative second family and home.

It has been my experience with my own sons best friends...they do come back and that makes the homecoming that much sweeter.

Sue CollectInTexasGal~Today's Post~
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jenn said...

"dude, do your laundry! i can't find the headphones."

that's awesome.

jenn said...

oh, and i'm following you now. i thought i had been? apparently not. but i fixed it. so. yay.

Anonymous said...

I really hope my kids have at least one friend like this. And I loved the Dude do your laundry comment!

Rachel said...

I should be more like him. Whenever I go stay with a friend, their room will go from perfectly clean to the floor being completely hidden under our stuff. I don't know why or how it happens. I always keep my stuff put away at home.

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Your house definitely sounds like a place he'll want to come home to!

Silvia Writes said...

We should all be so blessed as to have such wonderful friends in our kids' lives. You're very lucky. My son has a couple of good friends, and hope he keeps them, but a strong bond over a long period of time is rare. Sounds like they'll be friends for life.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina .. gosh he sounds like one wonderful lad, now man entering the world well tuned in.

So great that he's good at soccer too and has got that entrance to school .. at least it's only two hours away and not miles.

I bet the Transporter will be missing him hugely .. and what a wonderful post to read ..

You will too I can hear that .. cheers and this post will remind you of those times together - Hilary

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Soccer Boy! And kudos to you for having such a wonderful, warm and welcoming home!