Friday, December 7, 2012

Digging Up The Dirt: What Do You Want to Know?

Today I'm asking for your help. Even if you're not going to be in the April 2013 A-Z Blogging Challenge, you can still contribute greatly, and the entire team of co-hosts will be grateful for your creative, goofy, or pin-em-to-the-wall input, if that's the case.

We are putting together this year's “Get To Know Your Co-Hosts” questionnaire, and need your help with questions. What would you like to know about us? What have you been wondering about me? If we get enough questions, each co-host will choose which to answer, so we'll have some variety.  For what you already know about me, see the "About Me" tab above.

Please do me the huge favor of heading over to the A-Z Blog today if you'd like samples of what our questions and answers were last year. You can also see what questions have already been contributed.

Or, if you're ready and short on time, leave your question in my comments here. Either way, we sure appreciate your help.

~ Tina


Tina said...

Here are two of my question for my co-hosts:

1) If given the opportunity, would you be part of a team that would colonize another planet? Under what circumstances?

2) I haven't seen them use this on Survivor in a while, but what would be your luxury item?

~ Tina

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I left my question! Think I'm the only one who can answer it though...

Arlee Bird said...

I don't watch Survivor but I don't think I'd want to limit myself too much on luxury items depending on what they are.

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Brian Miller said...

cheese whiz or whipped cream?


happy friday tina

Nicole said...

I agree with Arlee. I mean, this is America, after all. We're a nation that thrives on luxury and infinite options -- even in "Survivor" show situations...we still need the iPhone AND Starbucks Coffee AND our lucky hat/charm/bracelet/shoe box, etc. lol.

Some title you came up with here! With a call for questions like this, no one can say they couldn't take notice or participate :)

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina and co-hosts .. I want to know where to dig - where is the treasure trove .. there must also be some skeletons!

1) How does everyone operate their Reader ... do they clear it every day? Can you have two Reader accounts .. one for bloggers and one for other ... I guess I need to do some tutorials!

2) How do you comment - if someone posts 5,6,7 times a week .. once -

or 3 times .. then each time

or once or twice .. then each time

I can't keep up .. but hate not supporting everyone ..

Obviously the A - Z is different .. I go to people I know, look at new people's blog and see their style - if it doesn't suit .. I move on.

LIKE: The idea of starting 5 blogs ahead was a great idea ...

Cheers that's me ... Hilary

Unknown said...

I'd love to colonize another planet, I've always had an adventurous soul.

I'll have to head over there to check out the questions.