Monday, July 25, 2011

Random Bits'n'Pieces

My brain seems to be on vacation this summer. Not thinking that's totally bad though. After all, at least some part of me is on vacation. It just that lately I haven't finished anything I've been writing. It's just sitting there. That's when it occurred to me that I could do a “random quarter” post with these unfinished pieces.

What's a random quarter?” It's a post with 25 items. These items, or entries, or whatever you wanna call them, can be anything. Ideas, rants, stories, secrets, etc. RANDOM, if you will ;-) (I totally stole this idea from jenn over at Quirky Pickings. She's smart, snarky, funny, a great writer and supportive bloggy friend. You should visit. After you read the rest of this post, though.)

You know that little stand on restaurant tables? It usually has sweeteners, salt and pepper, maybe a drink or dessert menu, etc. They need to put magnifying glasses there for when people of a certain age forget their reading glasses and can't see what's on the menu because her arms have gotten too short...not that I've experienced this personally, or anything. Just an idea that came to me when I was last out to dinner...ahem.

I have a DMV parents moved to CO when Jake, now 14, was only 8 months old. Dad went to get Colorado plates for his big, GREEN pick-up. "Needs a VIN verification. Don't show your face around these parts 'til ya'll got that sucker verified." Or some such words. I went with Dad to the emissions/VIN verification place because it was on the way to where we were playing golf, and we sure didn't think it would be any big deal. We get in line, get the guy to come out, and he checks the VIN. (By the way, why is it that some dude who does emissions tests is more accurate at reading a number than, say, the owner? Or the lady behind the counter at the DMV? Just asking.) Anyway, guy says, "What color is your truck?" While standing in front of it. Dad is puzzled but says “” Guy says, "Looks like a blue truck to me!" And proceeds to fill out the paperwork for a BLUE truck. So folks, as you can imagine, we had some trouble BACK at the DMV since, "Obviously, you took a different truck. This other paperwork all says GREEN...)

Are you a “leave the tag in” person, or are you a “cut the tag out before wearing or it will drive me insane molecule by molecule as it cuts into my skin, brushes by my skin, or tickles-like-a-spider-my skin.” Guess which one I am...But I do read them before I cut them out. Some of them I save, because I'm such a total dork about clothes and mostly (seriously) buy them at Walmart...(Don't tell Best, she's trying to reform me, one gorgeous wardrobe piece at a time...with little success...I still haven't spend any regular amount of money on clothes, though I cherish the boutique pieces she has found for me and then bought for me...) So if there's a tag that's a real brand-name, I save those. Really. They're in my jewelry box. Both of them.

Is it obnoxious to provide your own laugh track to ramblings, like I did above? Yeah, I thought so. Sigh.

Ok, so another tag thing. This one was from my bathing suit. The first new suit I've bought in 12 years. Yes, really. I have witnesses! Anyway, it said “wash in cold, gentle cycle, hang dry, iron if necessary.” Ok, first of all, why would I need to wash it in cold water if it's already been in a hot tub? And c'mon, how many of you have ever ironed a bathing suit? I mean that, if you have, please speak up. I promise I won't hassle you. Very much.

Why does my pharmacy have signs for a blind person (blue background, white “walking man” holding cane) and another one that says, “Braille instructions available.” Not sure the market they're aiming for are able to um, read, those signs.

Why do so many customer service workers hate customers and don't want to provide service? Seriously. If you hate people, work in some other sector. We'd all appreciate it. And you managers? If your aforementioned employee screwed up my order, just give me what I actually ordered, don't reach into my bag, grab the one that was wrong, and throw it in the trash can next to me. What does that accomplish? I mean, which story would you like repeated for millions (I wish ;-) of blog readers? A: Arby's is so great, they gave me a free NON-cheese-slopped sandwich, or B: Arby's can't get anything right and wastes food.

Some faithful readers might remember “Ketchup Packet in the Compost”. Goes well with the previous tidbit. Only better written, I hope ;-)

Why do plants you want in your flower bed slide out of the dirt like a knife through butter, while weeds that you don't want have to be dug out with great effort, and even if you manage to get them out, just return in less than a week. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Oh wait, it was. And then they ate the apple...

Why is it that kids will spend HOURS using a computer program that builds Lego models with an auto-cad type interface, instead of with the MILLIONS of actual Lego bricks gathering dust and creating road hazards all over the floor?

If I were going to be stranded on a deserted island, I'd want Sawyer instead of Jack. I know I'd be out a doctor, but I'd never be bored with the con-man. And no, his perfect physique and gorgeous eyes have nothing to do with this issue. Really. Now if I could have two people, the other would have to be Locke. He's the most McGyverish of the bunch. Yes, I'm one of those Lost fanatics. And no, I didn't understand the ending. But I've certainly spent enough time trying to figure it out.

We moved into this house eleven years ago. I have several boxes and a huge hope chest still packed full that I've never opened since then. Not curious enough to take on this project in this heat. Maybe ever. I haven't needed that stuff yet, so why now?

Yes, you counted right.  There aren't 25 items.  There are 12.  When I said I was stealing her idea, I of course have to tweak it a bit.  Not to mention the fact that YellowBoy wants to watch Lost re-runs.  I miss Sawyer, so I'm ditching you guys and heading for netflix streaming.  One of the best inventions ever!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I share your sentiments about customer service!

Brian Miller said...

haha...we still have stuff packed from our last move...the tags depend on the garment...some of those tags are supposed to wash your bathing suit?

jenn said...

it's not an rq post if you don't have the quarter. :[

and JACK. not that i've ever watched lost. EVER. but JACK. definitely jack.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Let's see...

My brain is also on vacation.

I suspect that DMV fella' moved up here after that, because I had a bit of an...ah...altercation with someone in a gold vehicle. When I called said person into the police, they contacted me back and said that license plate number belonged to a green vehicle. I knew it was the right one, considering I drove it home. Oh well. And it was most definitely gold.

I can't stand tags, but I rarely cut them out unless it's really bad, because I can't seem to do it without leaving an even more irritating stub. I just do not have the mad tag-removing skills.

Customer service, don't get me started. Though we've found a few places that are always welcoming and friendly and we tend to frequent those places. With so many people out of jobs, you'd think those lucky enough to have them would be doing their utmost to keep them, so I'm actually surprised there hasn't been a bit of a resurgence in customer service.

I'm too sad to talk about my garden! For the past few years I've had these gorgeous green, lush veggies each year, but for some reason hardly anything grew this year. I have no idea what I did wrong. It is surprising how much my garden makes me happy during the summer. You never know until it fails! I may, at the most, get a few green beans (man, I LOVE fresh green beans!) and a couple carrots.

I've often wondered that about my son and computers.

I honestly never really liked Jack. I felt like I should, but I just couldn't bring myself to. Sawyer is smarty in a savvy coyote kinda' way. Plus, the body wouldn't hurt at ALL. I do have to admit that I have a thing for guys who come across as bad, but show that they're secretly good guys underneath it all. Hard to explain.

We've been here six years and I'm finally down to one box, which contains my porcelain doll. A few months ago, I did some rearranging (got the hutch I'd been needing forever) and now have a place to put the dolls. I still haven't done it, though. Maybe next year?

I think I covered just about everything. ;-p