Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Centus: Family Drama, Part IV

Please pick up, please pick up!” she chanted to herself while the phone kept ringing and ringing. Reluctantly, she used the code they'd developed years ago.

Pardon me,” said Tom T. Urkee”

The last time they'd used that phrase, Russ had been the one in trouble. She smiled as she remembered the incident which has cemented their long friendship.
He'd better not be in Columbia, again.

Hoping for coffee, Katherine was not surprised to find a note instead.

Dear Kat, sorry to run, but I just can't handle this. I'll be in touch.”

Classic. Sighing, she made the coffee herself. Russ would call soon.

It's Saturday Centus. Here's Part IV of my continuing story, earlier pieces are below. If you'd like to join us, link up at Jenny's, and check out the rules. 100 words, don't mess with the prompt (in bold italic).  You don't have to string them together, I'm just doing that for an extra challenge.

Part I
Good grief. On a night like this, even I might say, “It was a dark and stormy night,” thought Katherine as she negotiated the hair-pin turns on the rain-soaked country lane. This wasn't her plan for the evening. But what can you do when your baby sister calls you, desperate for help in the crisis du jour, and you're just sitting at home, planning revenge. Not just any revenge, but a revenge so clever and intricate that no one would be able to guess who or why. A revenge that would make this novel another best-seller. Tonight, though, she'd have to settle for real drama.

Part II
Katherine gave herself a pep-talk before getting out of the car. “Do the best you can. Get out as quickly as you can. Don't let her talk you into anything illegal. Again.”
Oh Katherine, you'll never believe what accidentally happened!”
Yes, I probably will. She was used to cleaning up after her sister's messes. And sure enough, there he lay. Elaine's latest lover, in a pool of blood. Shot through the head, she guessed, from what she could see. Well now, this was worse than usual. "This is never going to come out," she thought as she scrubbed at the spot on the worn carpet.” But, it would make another good scene in her latest murder mystery.

Part III

The early November sunshine cast golden rays of unwelcome light in her eyes. She tried to stay wrapped in the old quilt, while turning over and staying on the skinny sofa. Thud. She hit the bare wood floor. That spot hadn't come clean, as she'd warned Elaine. The rolled up rug lying by the front door was a quick reminder of what today would bring. And she wasn't looking forward to it. She'd disposed of numerous dead bodies over the years, but doing it for real as opposed to in her writing was not something she'd planned on. It was finally time to call in a favor.


Kat said...

I love the way you've continued this story. Really amazing use of such very different prompts, but you make it work seamlessly! Hope Kat gets some coffee soon, sounds like she has a pretty gruesome day ahead of her! Kat

Judie said...

This is great! No leaving us hanging forever!

Ames said...

Wait! Why is he leaving??? Pretty smooth transition in your story line.~Ames

Anonymous said...

Ha! That was some code. Always nice when you can call on a friend in a fix. :)

Viki said...

I hope Russ calls to help her out since that nasty baby sis, left her holding the rug LOL. Great continuation.

Susan Anderson said...

I'm really enjoying this and am impressed to see how you managed to fit even this ungainly Thanksgiving-themed prompt into your story.

Nice work!


Amanda Lee said...

I'm on pins and needles!

Brian Miller said... are doing really wellplaying out this yarn...

Unknown said...
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One Photo said...

Oh my! I like this - fast paced, more than a little quirky and I want to hear more.

Unknown said...

I am really loving this~

Brenners said...

What a cool idea to do an ongoing story. Like it. :)

cj Schlottman said...

Once again, you have caught me up in your story, leaving me eager for the next installment! Kat has some kind of checkered history, huh?


Tgoette said...

Brilliant continuation! So clever the way you weaved this week's weird prompt into your storyline! Very well done.

Stef said...

good job! You've taken the challenge to a whole new level!

Malisa said...

The using of code words was so realistic. Makes methink you have used code words before. Hmmm. :)
Wonderful the way you have pieced your story together!

I just post my story. Please come by and check it out.


signed...bkm said...

Tina...You and Yours have a Blessed Thanksgiving...bkm

Jenny said...

Code words? How in the heck did you think of that?

You are so clever.

And this ongoing story is uber-cool. Please excuse the use of the word uber...I've been trying to use it all day and this was my last hope!

I am really enjoying the stand-alone quality of each week that still fits into the continuity of this story.

You are uber-amazing.


And not just cuz I wanted to use that word twice.

Unknown said...

Code words! Very clever! That you can keep your story going with all of Mrs. Matlock's prompts is a wonder!
Best wishes,

Anna's SC wk 29