Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life moves pretty fast...

I love that movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  I'd like to stop the world for a day and have adventures.  But for this season of life, it's not usually possible.  As you may have noticed, I started this project MONTHS ago, and have yet to post my first time.  I will admit that part of it is intimidation: what in the WORLD do I say for my first post?  I want to be witty, I want to be funny, I want people to read what I write.  I want people to get to know me.  Call it writer's block, I guess.  Today, when there are no lunches to make for my family, I will just take the plunge.

HI.  Let me introduce my family.  My oldest son is 12.  I will call him Diamond for now.  He doesn't want me to use his name, so we'll go with his video game handle.  It's an appropriate nick-name, since video games are his passion at this stage in his life.  He is my "boy who lived".  It's a special name I call him in tender moments.  You see, both my children are absolute miracles.  I lost 3 babies along the way, and Diamond was born with an apgar of 1.  He was in NICU for 5 agonizing days.  And now he gets practically straight A's, is athletic, and funny, does all the dishes for me (I'm partially handicapped, but that's for another post).  And they said he'd probably have permanent effects from the lack of oxygen during his delivery.  (Without gory details, it was not Caesarean birth, but I was catheterized and in a wheel chair for 3 days after...)(Ok, that was gory...but this is my blog and I suppose that will happen from time to time: the raw truth, as opposed to the "talking about it in public" version that my engineer husband prefers that I use for all topics.  He's shy.  I'm Swedish.
My youngest we'll call YellowBoy.  His favorite color is yellow.  And I'm not talking a favorite color as in a preference.  But yellow as a life obsession.  It's easy to spot his laundry: it's 85% yellow.  His room is Wendy's cup yellow.  If I'm pouring drinks, he needs the yellow cup.  He bought yellow duct tape and makes yellow weapons out of cardboard and said tape.  He thinks all the yellow flowers in my flower bed are "his".  He's 9.  He's creative, and loves acting, and has the sweetest, most tender heart of anyone I've met.  He makes friends easily, but gets hurt easily.  He's eager to please, and does his best to keep up with Diamond.  He does the laundry.  Did I mention he's NINE?
Hubby.  What to nickname him?  Sometimes it's SpongeBob GrumpyPants.  Sometimes it's Most Lovey Man on the Planet.  Let's call him The Engineer for now.  He's an electical engineer for the company that hired him fresh out college.  He's also got his own company that tinkers with cutting edge technology in lighting.  (Hasn't sold anything in a while...but loves to invent and build things.)  He's into gardening, alternate energy, cooking, being  a pack rat, and he's building an electic car in my garage.
Ok, I'm just going to take the plunge and post, because if I don't start somewhere, I'll never be able to see how much better I'm getting at this.  Next post I'll tell you about me.

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