Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Flex Time

Been an interesting week...and I don't feel like whining about it. Well that's SO not true. I do feel like whining about, it's just that you don't feel like reading about it. Be glad you haven't had to listen to me...seriously.

So I invented a new feature. I call it Friday Flex Time because it's not quite Tina's Ten Tidbits (which I did for a while) it's more a chance for me to write about what I want to write about.  How is this is different than what you usually do around here and in what way?? Shorter. That should make you concise people very happy. I can hit a topic on my mind, throw a few sentences up there, and be done. Doesn't have to be a long post.

One thing I still can't do is write a short intro...Cheryl! Help!!!!

Does anyone know how to clean antique copper like this?

I inherited this with from Farmor (father's mother – you'll learn a lot more about her when I write my challenge posts about moving to America) If you say "google it" I will scream. Yes, I'm aware of the wealth of info at my finger tips. What I don't have time is to read through all the suggestions for one that ACTUALLY WORKS because I've tried a lot of them and they produce no result. Regale me with your success, please. And thank you.

If you're drinking sake... and spill it, as in pour more in the thimble than it can take, twice in a row, then someone should drive you home. Not that I drank sake this week, or know anyone who did, just thought I'd share this important public service announcement. Why not drive? Because when you get home and get out of the car you'll spill all your precious left-overs in the driveway because you forget that your husbands car is missing that feature which lets the door stay open while you get just sayin'. Be careful out there.

I know this will offend hordes of you.. but hear me out before you scream at me. Which you may do. I screamed at you about the google and the copper...When you name your child, please use the conventional spelling. You have no idea what it's like for a teacher to have Megan, Mehgan, Meggin, and Meagen all in the same class. AND, if you don't care about the teachers, think about the grandparents. How will they ever buy them a personalized tacky souvenir with their precious grandchild's name on it?

Oh, and Dear God,
Please give me less teachable moments with my children. I don't have it in me for anymore this week.
Best regards,


T. Drecker said...

It sounds like it's good this week is coming to an end. That's the nice thing about life, days do end. I wish I could help you out with the copper, but I have NO idea.
Have a good weekend - you deserve it ;)

Rosalind Adam said...

Your week sounds just as tough as mine. Glad it's Friday and what's more it's no longer February. Soon be April!

Adriana Dascalu said...

No idea about copper and it was instructional that sake info! I do agree with conventional spelling names, easier to write, less time spend checking correct spelling.

Have a beautiful Spring!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina .. I don't do cleaning! well I don't do copper cleaning .. there are usually impregnated cloths around .. but also household ingredients one can use .. not much help am I?!

Looking forward to the A - Z and finding out more about your roots and journey here ...

Hope that arm doesn't infect your head any further!!??

Cheers for now and have a happy weekend with a near healthy household ... Hilary

S.P. Bowers said...

Ketchup should clean the copper. use a cloth and polish the whole thing with Ketchup. I've also heard vinegar works but haven't tried that.

I'm with you on the unique spellings. If you want a unique name for your child don't name her something everyone else is named. Spelling it different doesn't make it unique, just annoying. Sorry for the rant but it's crazy to try to deal with all of them.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Tell your kids to Google it.
With you on the names. And give your kids names they can spell and pronounce.

Brian Miller said...

oo...i hate it when the door does that...conspires to jostle you and spill your stuff....been there ack....

ha...i love it when subs get ahold of those weird spelled name....snort...

Annalisa Crawford said...

I pass on the kids names!! Yay me! And I've never tried sake, but I'll heed your advice if it ever passes my lips.

That corgi :) said...

Hoping the weekend will be a restful one! I totally agree with you about names for children. Its amazing the ones I see come through in my work with the way they spell "common" names these days - Casey - I've seen it Kacee, Kasee, Casee, etc., what a nightmare indeed!


Robin said...

Yes. Yes. And yes. The internet is full of information, but a great deal of it is Worthless. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to clean old copper... or any good copper, but I am sure someone does.

I just thought the sake story funny. True and funny.

And the name thing. I just recently wrote a post on names, so you don't need to convince me about names. Mine was a variation on yours, but still... Yes!

Teachable moments are wonderful. Thank the good Lord for teachable moments, but there is a thing called Overload.

M. J. Joachim said...

One more thing regarding names - they're pretty much permanent, so think of the child, please! Kids are mean in school, and some names just shouldn't be given at all, because they literally sound like porn stars. Do your kid a favor, and choose a name you'd wear proudly yourself already!

As for the copper - salt and white vinegar...don't ask me why, but that's how my mom had us cleaning pennies when we were like a charm!

klahanie said...

Ah yes, "Tina" and what about abbreviated names. Must cause some confusion :)

Neat to see that for all your adoring fans, you now will feature "Friday Flex Time. And here's to you have a peaceful weekend. I shall now go back to my unknown blog. Cheerio and keep smiling.

In kindness,

Gary :)

Andrea said...

Since you brought up the name about naming a child the name you wish to call them, instead of making that their middle name! It's kind of like saying "we want to honor you by naming our child after you, but we don't really like your name so we aren't going to actually ever speak it"

Jolie du Pre said...

Love the antique copper!