Saturday, March 30, 2013

Getting to Know Tina’s Terrific Team! Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ !

Please welcome the last of my team members to introduce themselves...Philip!  

As someone said, I too had the intention of keeping myself away from the audience while I write, so in the beginning I adopted the name ‘Ariel’ as my pseudonym.  But at a later stage I understood the value of revealing myself to the general readers.  And I came out with a write up about myself on “HowI got my pen name?” And now I firmly believe and recommend that one (If he or she is a writer) need to have an identity to be revealed in the writing field, just ghost writing will not fit the bill.  And  the present trend at writing field is much more than that, unless and until you reveal yourself the audience may not get into it or sometimes even just neglect even though your thoughts or imaginations are in a high caliber.  

This lesson I learned it while I was actively involved in Google’s Knol pages.  Since then I started promoting myself and my write-ups through different social media.  

For such activities there is an other side too, I received lot of criticism when I started promoting my resources.   I just neglected such talks and am still going on with my promotion as often as I can.  And ha,  Note that unless you do the promotion for your work who else will do for you? Think of this!  On this line recently I published a post at my blog page under the title. 9 Tips to promote your blogs…. to read ClickHere 

Now here at A to Z  Co- host Tina Downey of Life Is Good gave me an opportunity to expose myself and my writings  to the web word by selecting me as one of her A to Z promoters or ambassadors.  Thus this question and answer part.   Though I am a bit late here I am with my answers:

My Full Name is  Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’
I am a freelance author and an Editor of a Christian Bi-Monthly.
I do have few blogs in English (Philipscom) as well as in Malayalam,(Ariel's Jottings) my native language. 

My main hobby is philately, writing and photography.
Here comes my answers to some of the questions asked by our readers:

Q.1. "Where do you go to "Get away from it all"?"
OMG!! Good question, but I have no answer to this instead I have a question to ask back:
Where is the time? I feel 24 hrs is not enough. LOL.

Q 2. "Where do you hail from?"
I hail from Kerala a Southern State in India, quite often known or called as God’s Own Country.

Q 3. "Name an item that you have too much of."
No Doubts. BOOKS, Books And Books  and of course STAMPS too!!! LOL

Q 4. "Who is your favorite fictional character and why?"
Shakespeare’s Tempest’s character ‘Ariel ‘ the good spirit. -  I feel this is one of the best characters the great author ever produced, and the way in which it enacted will no doubt be a praiseworthy one. 

Q 5. "Do you know how to 'Gangnam Style?'"
Yep! Of Course A BIG NO. That’s all! No more explanation!

Q 6. “What items could you typically have in your pockets?"
Home Keys, vehicle keys and of course the purse contains my cards etc…

Q 7.  "When writing, do you prefer to compose your first-draft by hand, on your computer, or using Morse Code?"
Yes, my first draft I compose with my pen, most of the time I use my ink pen for this, then only it goes to the computer.

Q 8. "Cake or pie?"
I like cake but, I love soups for that matter any type like most

Q 9. "Coke or Pepsi?"  

A BIG NO to both, instead I prefer Lime Juice.  No, because, these days in many parts of India cola items are used as pesticides since it is cheaper than other pesticides and more effective too. So after came to know about this fact I said a big NO to these items. :-) 

Q. 10  "What makes life worth living?" 
Well this is a good question I think all should surely find an answer to it.   Our life on this earth is very temporal and let us utilize it well for the utmost satisfaction of our Creator God.  Yes, He created each one of us with a Great Purpose, "To live a life which is pleasing to Him, that is to live like Him, and to be good to our neighbors as well even to our enemies.  As I quite often am reminded and quote, "Let us share our blessings to others, at least the one who have not.  Tomorrow when we leave on this earth,  let others say that there was a man or a woman who lived a life which is pleasing to God as well as to his fellow being."  That is the life worth living!

Is there any more questions you have, please don’t hesitate to ask me: Just drop a comment at the comment box or you can contact me directly through my mail I've given elsewhere in my blog or at my Google+ space, Sure  I will come back to you soon with an answer to your utmost satisfaction.  This is for sure.

OMG! Time is up for the A to Z Blog Challenge.

Wish You All A Happy Blogging Ahead.

Thanks for your time and patience to be with us.

Thanks Philip for taking the time to share a bit about yourself with us.  I'm so glad you're on my team - you're a very reliable and fast worker!



klahanie said...

Hi Tina and hi Philip,

Delighted to make your acquaintance, good sir. And promotion is good as long as it isn't blatant and one-sided. So, as long as you maintain a fair balance, all is good.

I've never felt the need for promotion and I rather enjoy, even after six years of blogging, being evidently, a well kept secret :)

It's nice to get to know a little bit more about you. I shall duly check you out. May you have much positive interaction and fulfilment in the A to Z Challenge. Tina may well inform you that I would never, ever participate.

I will duly forward this posting via all the various social networks. I have been promoting the A to Z, rather ironically, in my alternative postings. Good natured, of course.

And Tina, my dear friend, I'm heartened to know that the A to Z team are making note of my satirical postings and thus making mention of me. After all, this is a sharing, caring blogging community.

Peace and goodwill to you both,

Gary :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That is a life worth living - Amen, Phillip.
Both of you have a blessed Easter.

Graciewilde said...

How fun to read your answers to the questions! Nice to learn more about you...

Brian Miller said...

i like your answers to what makes life worth living...was cool to get to meet you...and i wish you, tina and anyone else that wants it a happy easter.

JoJo said...

Great to meet you Philip! :)

Unknown said...

I remember you now. You'd visited my site and asked if a post of mine could be translated in Malayalam by you. I was genuinely impressed that you took the effort to write to me. For if you would have done it, I wouldn't have been any wiser for lack of knowledge of the language. Nice to see you here. Look forward to a wonderful journey. Good luck.

Dr Sonia S V said...

Good to read more about you Mr Philip.. The point about the pseudonym is so interesting.
Dr Sonia
Cards Crafts School Projects

Catch My Words said...

Glad to meet you.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina .. and Ariel - interesting to read more about you ..

I love the sound of visiting Kerala - that region of India looks so inviting ... and one of the nurses at my mother's Nursing Centre is from Kerala - and she's so lovely.

I used to collect stamps as a child .. and have a fair number of Indian ones .. as my step-grandfather was based out there .. I still have stamps and more stamps here ..

Cheers for now - and enjoy the A-Z .. Hilary

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' said...

@Gary Thank you so much for your kind visit and comment, i am sorry i am a bit

late here to respond to your wonderful comment. Gary, I fully agree with you in the opinion aired in connection with promotion or sharing. Yes, “promotion is good as long as it isn't blatant and one-sided. So, as long as you maintain a fair balance, all is good.”

Yes, it should be balanced, and should not be a one sided one. J

Thanks again your you great insight you shared with us.

Keep inform.

Yes, We heartily reciprocate your wishes. “Peace and goodwill to you”



@Alex J. Cavanaugh

Thank you so much for your kind visit and the best wishes for the season.

I am sorry i am a bit late to respond to this comment.

keep inform. as this years challenge is over, we need to do a lot of other home works right.

Keep up the good work. I appreciate you for the great visit and comment you did during this period.

Have a wonderful time ahead.

@Blogger Graciewilde

Thank you so much for your visit and comment,

good to know that you enjoyed this post.

Please do keep inform. Keep in touch.

Best Regards.

@Brian Miller

Thank you so much for your kind visit.

I am a bit late to respond to it,

I heartily reciprocate the same

Have a wonderful and purposeful time ahead.

Keep inform

Best Regards

@ JoJo,

I am so glad to meet you

And doubly glad to note that

We are in one team. Keep inform



@Blogwati Gee

What a pleasant surprise!!

Good to hear from you again.

Nice that you recognized me.

Sorry i am a bit late here

to respond to your comment.

Keep inform

What’s new?

Best Regards

@Dr Sonia S V

What a surprise to meet you here.

Nice to hear from you again.

Yes, that pseudonym story is a

Big story. Thanks for dropping by

@Joyce Lansky

Thanks a lot for your kind visit and response.

i am a bit late here to check out

the comments. sure i will check in to your place

Keep inform.

Best Regards

@Hilary Melton-Butcher

Good to hear from you again,

I am so glad to be in the group too.

Yes, the terrific team! LOL

Yes, it’s a lovely place to visit,

The lush green scenes are enchanting one too,

May be that is why it’s called God's Own Country!!! LOL

Yes, there are a good number of people scattered around the

World in the nursing field, the nursing community from

Kerala had a special vision for this job and they have

great patience too. Indeed they are lovely too... !!!

OMG! Stamp collection. Though it’s a tedious job I did it for

many years and have a good collection in different themes .

Keep inform

Best Regards