Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Shot: Laughing Gravity

He asked me,
why poetry?
I laughed metaphor,
while he answered,
with the sureness of gravity.
I tried word portrait
and he said there's only reality.
Then I smiled, because yes,
but through half-closed eyes
with wishing
and the benefit of the doubt.
He said no, black&white
never changing.
I disagreed, but with
dancing words,
spinning circles of possibility
around his to-do list
and all over his meticulous
That's when he smiled,
and took my hand,
and we walked in the rain,
because who knew that
head in the clouds
and feet on the ground
would make such a
perfect union.

It's time for One-Shot Wednesday. Write a poem, and link it up!


Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

left brain meets right brain...and they lived happily ever after

Brian Miller said...

ha. yes indeed they can, complimenting each other nicely...well played...and keep giggling in the rain its good for a marriage...smiles. nice one shot!

Amanda said...

This is my new favorite.

Aging Mommy said...

Oh very, very clever, I love this.

Ben Langhinrchs said...

Very nice. I love the playful wording.

dustus said...

Makes me think of how opposites can ultimately complement each other in a relationship. Well done. Nice One Shot!

Cheryl said...

It is just like that. You captured it so eloquently here.

My name is PJ. said...

Charming! And I know multiple couples this describes. Love it.

Kim A. said...

Wonderful!! Exactly how I felt yesterday. I should have giggled more and fussed less. Light, joyful with just a pinch of silly...love it.


Eric Alder said...

Feet and the ground and head in the clouds are a perfect match. The only constant is change.

Nice One Shot, Tina!

H said...

I love 'spinning circles of possibility
around his to-do list
and all over his meticulous
calculations'. What a brilliant image :)

signed...bkm said...

love the "I laughed metaphor"....yes that is poetry...always enjoy your writing...bkm

Anonymous said...

Wordplay SPLENDID. I too enjoy your writing all the time. Love and Light, Sender