Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Centus Revisited: Flying Solo, Part 2

The small Cessna 172 picked up speed as it roared down the runway, Sara at the controls, the flight instructor beside her, but for the last time. One lesson to complete, and she'd be soloing! The anticipation was leaving her almost breath less with anticipation, and the butterflies in her stomach felt more like pterodactyls. But one aspect to this adventure was making her melancholy. She was going to miss Ted. Without the lessons to bring them together, how was she going to see him again? She knew her love for him was probably not returned, but she could dream. Sara smiled and turned to him,
I don't think I'm ready to solo. I think I need more lessons.”

Well yes, ma'am, if that's how you feel.”
I do. So next Saturday, same time then?”
Why sure, that'll be fine, ma'am.
“And Ted, would you please stop calling me ma'am? I'd rather you called me Sara.”
Yes, ma'am.” He winked. “Sara.”
She grinned back.
He cleared his throat.
There is one thing though. It's going to be really hard for me to give you more lessons. I was really looking forward to being done as your teacher.”
Her smile faded.
His grin widened, “So that I could instead ask you out.”

It's Saturday Centus again, with Jenny Matlock at off on my tangent.  She likes to keep us guessing, that's for sure.  This week the assignment was to take ANY of the previous lessons' work (anybody's, not just our own) and add another 100 words.  So I went back to one of the couples I'd written about and let them tell a bit more of their story.  Head on over there for the full rules and to join this link party.


Brian Miller said...

oh. well we dont need lessons then...smiles. nice write tina...

Cheryl said...

Nicely done Tina. I remember enjoying your 1st go with this prompt. Continuing this one was perfect.

Tracy said...

Good job this needs to be a book

Susannah said...

Nice second part - I love it! :-)


Viki said...

How great that he feels the same way about her. I bet she ends the lessons right quick so they can go out on a date lol. Good job.

Sue said...

Happy ending! Ya gotta love that!!


purejoy said...

ha! i though he was going to say he only dated people his own age, or he couldn't next saturday because he was getting married.

i love a happy ending!

cj Schlottman said...

A fuzzy, feel-good ending! This is well thought out and nicely written.


Kat said...

This was a fun read! Loved the way you continued the story, great seamless transition!Kat

Tgoette said...

Awwww! It sounds like she's flying high all on her own! What a great finish to this story! Great job!

Jenny said...

You're so cool!

I so clearly recalled your first SC! And that continuation was totally seamless.

I loved this little romantic tale.

It made me smile.

Thanks for linking.