Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthday Thoughts

Do you know exactly how old you are? I mean, can you answer that question instantly? Because I can't. Don't quite know when it happened, but I no longer seem to keep track of my years. And have to do some quick math if I'm asked the question. Today is my birthday. I'm 45. An age I used to think was old. But I don't feel old. I feel like I'm just starting to figure some things out, and I also know that there are some lessons I've already learned. And not all of them the hard way.

I've learned that I'm not always right. Seriously.

I've learned that a true friend is much more valuable than a bunch of acquaintances.

I've learned that it's okay to say no. I can't take on every project, be on every committee, or help everybody. If I say no, it means someone else will have the opportunity to serve.

I've learned that though I'm a teacher, I'm no good with little kids. (Just ask the kids in Children's Church...)

I've learned that I need time by myself. Frequently.

I've learned that although I'm very allergic to bees, I won't die. I'll just feel like it.

I've learned that cooking is fun.

I've learned that I'll never be fashionable. I'm always going to be a jeans-and-a-t-shirt girl. And that's ok.

I've learned that I actually can garden, and growing flowers is pretty fun.

I've learned that I'm not safe with a credit card. Over and over again I've learned this.

I've learned that it won't kill me to ask for help. I can't do everything by myself, and some things I can't do at all.

I've learned that putting down what I'm doing to just really listen to my child is the most important thing I can do in a day.

...and I've learned that tall stools, a concrete floor, and klutziness are a really, really bad combination.


Levonne said...

Tina, I love your list! 45 is a great age. I know what you mean about feeling a way inside that may not match with your chronological age. I have that going on all the time. Drop by Levonne's Pretty Pics and A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings when you have a few minutes. I'd love to hear what you think of my newer work.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El) said...


Great list, I working on something similar for next week--though it's not as well written and it's not meant to celebrate my birthday.

In my earlier 40s, I often forgot what age I was. Now that I'm 49, not so much!

Brian Miller said...

smiles. happy birthday! hope you have an amazing day! nice list as well...i was smiling as i perused it...i am an august bday as well here in about 18 days...i will be 37....

Chatty Crone said...

45 is a great age - enjoy it - and I can see you are learning from it.


Someone Is Special said...

Great post nicely said about age....

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Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M

Kay said...

haha... happy birthday! love the list of tried and true!

Gives me hope to know that I still have much to learn

for instance,
I'm not always right? ha!
and... where did I put that pair of jeans....????


Happiest of Birthday Wishes to you!

AmyLK said...

Happy Birthday! What a great list of things learned! Enjoy the day!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday, dear friend! I am right behind you, but learning most of my lessons the hard way.:) Love you and miss you! Have a great time on your cruise.

Cheryl said...

Dang dang dang! A day late! Happy birthday and thank you for sharing these valuable lessons you've learned. I think we're related!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday dear Tina, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!

And as my kids used to say.... and many more, on channel four don't spit on the cake!!!

I am not sure where my kids came up with the last part but they always sang it :-)

Sorry I am a day late.

Jingle said...

Happy Belated Birthday!