Friday, August 27, 2010

Flash Friday 55: Mini Road Trip

We're heading
to the hills
For a day
of play
leaving kiddos
(better to unwind)
leisurely lunch
shopping stroll
scenery, admired
perhaps a souvenir
to be acquired
Let real life wait
(I have too much on my plate)
Away we will go,
But the car isn't full
Join us if you want,
Promise it won't be dull!

Ok, totally cheesy, I know.  But since I had to tell you I wouldn't be around today...and I had no time to write a real get this.  It's a 58 :-)  If you wrote a real 55, go tell g-man, Mr. Know-it-all and put your link in his comments.


G-Man said...

Have fun!
It was good enough for me Baby
Darn Good 55.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

Brian Miller said...

smiles. have fun out there. kid free is nice when you can make it happen...your 58 works for me...

Cheryl said...

Have a great time! 58 works just dandy for me.

steveroni said...

Do you think Peeps REALLY count the words??? I don't...well, sometimes?--grin!

Do you each have a bike, or do you ride in rumble seat? (My age showed itself THERE!) Be safe, EN-JOY!

Jingle said...

smooth sailings.
a curious and hopeful 55.

PattiKen said...

Don't you just love playing hookey now and then? I like this, cheesy or not (not!).

The Empress said...

Do people really count the words???