Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Meet Hilary of Tina's Terrific Team for #atozchallenge

Please meet Hilary, who hails from across the pond – my dear friend from the UK. This is her second year as my minion. Brave lady!

A: Age. - Older than 20, but younger than 80 – just and still just one year on!!

B: Books – all sorts ... preferably historical or reference and a good yarn

C: Cooking – love it ... great relaxation, though I don’t do much now
D: Dogs – love them, though now don’t own one

E: Elegance – wish I had it!

F: Friends – essentials to life

G: Gardens – love them and their seasonal variations

H: Height – middle to low; much the same for width! Same as last year sadly!

I: Intuition – flashes of illumination from our cognitive processes - sometimes!

J: Journeys – exploring new areas, or seeing old friends along the way

K: Knowledge ... I can’t not find out ... that need to know is inbuilt

L: Languages – wish I’d learnt them, and would love to grasp a few

M: Measurement ... I like to know pertinent time frames, distances etc

N: Names and their etymology

O: Overseas friends and bloggers – the world is wonderful

P: Paeony – my mother’s favourite frothy (candy pink)flower

Q: Queen – I admire her dedication ...

R: Roses – scented ones

S: Scribes – especially those ancient scribes, who ensured we can communicate today

T: Time – need much much more of it

V: Vegetables – all sorts ... and Spring is nearly here for the new young veggies

W: Where can you help? What can you do to help others? Please think about this ...

X: Xstatic for life ...

Y: Yellow for sunlight, primroses, daffodils ... lifting our hearts ...

Z: Zizzzzzzzing of the bees, which need our protection ....

Hilary blogs at Positive letters...inspirational stories... That's a very well-named blog. A visit there always teaches me something, and encourages me to think of others and see life from their perspective.

~Tina, grateful for friends from all over the world


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina - a bit of shock to see me peering out quite so closely at the world!! Thanks for posting some of the ABCs of my life ..

It's great being part of your team and working with the Viking chick. The A-Z Challenge is an incredible concept and one many of us have appreciated and learnt from: Thanks Lee for instigating it 5 years ago now .. this is my 4th .. and to all the co-hosts for monitoring and guiding us along the way.

A lovely way to meet new friends and catch up with old ones .. enjoy the Challenge everyone - cheers Hilary

Brian Miller said...

Hilary has been a pleasant surprise meet of late...she has been dropping in and i at her place...i love reading about her adventures....

Andrea said...

Great inspiration for the coming month!!


Sounds great Hilary!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hilary is awesome! You want to know something about the world, go ask. She either knows or will research it for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilary! Nice to meet you. You mention roses and peonies (grew those in an earlier, bigger garden), and you look lile a flower yourself in all those pretty colors. Thank you for helping Tina's team. I look forward to reading your positive, inspirational blog!

JoJo said...

Very clever using A-Z to introduce yourself!!!!!

Jo said...

Lovely post. I am glad to be able to call Hilary a friend too. We hail from the same part of the world.

Great A to Zs Hilary.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

@ Brian - it's been good to connect and lovely to see your comment here.

@ Andrea - many thanks ..

@ David - the A-Z will be fun ..

@ Alex - many many thanks .. you're exactly right I will do as I'm told - occasionally ..?!

@ Bemuzin - a garden full of scented and flowering shrubs is a wonder isn't it .. and so much pleasure to be gained in the work. Thanks re the colour scheme .. it was a hot English summer's day ..

and I'll see you too around the A-Z postings ...

@ JoJo - many thanks .. it was fun and easy: that's the way I like things!!

@ Jo - we do come from the same of the neck of the woods now ... and know what we're talking about - English speak sometimes can be muddling!

Cheers to you all and thanks for stopping by and commenting ...

... and Tina - thanks so much for the intro .. cheers Hilary

Andrew Leon said...

I agree... very clever.

Maria Dunn said...

Fun meeting all your minions! Thanks for the intro.

Michelle Wallace said...

Hilary is a wonderful person... and knowledgeable too!
She created the most amazing and empowering post for my Ubuntu Bloghop last month!
Hi Tina! *waving*

klahanie said...

Greetings humans, Tina and Hilary,

My human and I have the great privilege of interacting with the delightful Hilary. A fine writer and blogger. Hilary's pawstings are some of the most comprehensive on the internet. Always a treat to visit her thoughtful blog.

Of course, you are both obsessed with the alphabet challenge. Argghhhh!!!!! and time for some Zeds or Zees.....:)

Pawsitive wishes,

Penny and the Alphabark Challenge 2014! :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

@ Leon - many thanks ..

@ Maria - it's a great idea introducing everyone isn't it ..

@ Michelle - that's very kind .. I enjoyed writing the Ubuntu post - it brought out some wonderful ideas and thoughts ... as well as reminding me of Africa!

@ Gary - thanks so much .. I just enjoy what I do and being around the blogosphere.

Tina and I obsessed with the A-Z .. never would have thought about it! Penny you've enlightened us ... it's fun though ... but definitely Zzzzing time by the end.

Cheers to you all - and thanks so much for coming by and to Tina to hosting me .. Hilary

Elsie Amata said...

Hi Tina!

Great to meet you, Hilary =)

What a great way to do an introduction. I loved learning so much about you through the letters of the Challenge. Very clever!

AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

shelly said...

Wow! Awesome post!

Hugs and chocolate!

M. J. Joachim said...

What a creative post, Hilary! Always fun to learn more about you - feel pretty much the same way about languages...if only I had learned...

MJ, A to Z Challenge Co-Host
Writing Tips
Effectively Human
Lots of Crochet Stitches

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Good luck to you and your group. A nice post.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

LD Masterson said...

It's very nice to meet you, Hilary. I enjoyed your A to Z intro, especially Z. Bees are in great need of protection and so few people seem to be taking this seriously.

Anonymous said...

I've come across Hilary in blogland before and it's great to read about her. Fantastic A to Z post.

Claudia said...

ha smiles... cool on that a-z style intro of her... i def. i wish i'd speak more languages as well... and them... they're about to start blossoming over here

Viola Fury said...


Nice to meet you and what a clever way to do it! Looking forward to participating in the A-to-Z Challenge with you! Mary aka Viola Fury A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal BlogFest – Sign Up Now #atozchallenge #atozreveal

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

@ Elsie .. many thanks I'll be over to meet you shortly ...

@ Shelly - good to meet you ..

@ MJ - thanks - and re languages .. yes the if only .. caught you today on your intro too ...

@ Andrew - thank you

@ LD - we lead blinkered lives and think that nature doesn't matter to us - yet how much it does ...

We know .. but many more are oblivious and don't think - sadly ... I totally agree with you ..

@ Medeia .. yes we see each other around .. glad you enjoyed the A-Z snippets ..

@ Claudia - delighted you enjoyed it .. thanks; that language thing again .. if only! Our daffodils are out and I hope with some cooler weather will last a while longer ... Spring is wonderful ..

@ Viola - many thanks and I'll be over during the A-Z to yours .. I'm looking forward to learning a great deal ..

Cheers everyone and Tina - thanks for hosting me here .. have a great last week of preparation ... a week today is April 1st?! Happy times ... Hilary

Glenda said...

I would like to say Hello, and see how you are? I will be stopping by you blog soon.