Friday, January 31, 2014


Grief is when you're little, and
Mom ties your scarf too tight
You're out in the cold, choking, but
can't come in, ever again

Grief is when the whole world
Suddenly turns black and white
Colorhues shades of grey

Grief is a hole, so
             N      S
          O     E    U
             R      O

You wonder if there's
anything left,
the outline
of where your heart 
used to be

Grief also surprises you,
sneaks attacks,
just when you think that
maybe today
I can hold it together
For just this moment

You can't,
because the hurt
so big, will never
heal enough
to “make it all ok”.

In loving memory of him. Forever in my heart.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Tina that was beautiful in its sorrow...

P V Ariel said...

We joins you in your grief.
We understand it but you need to
explain it little further. May His peace be upon you and yours.
God Bless.
Phil & Ann

Suzanne Furness said...

Thanks for sharing this poem, it is beautiful.I am remembering someone special today.

Brian Miller said...

really cool concrete bit there in the center....took me a second to decypher honest look at grief though....hugs tina

Jeremy [Retro] said...

... thank you for sharing.

Melanie O'Brien said...

beautifully emotional and I love how you put it all together. Thanks for sharing it!

Julie Flanders said...

This is so touching. And so accurately captures how overwhelming grief can be.
Take care, Tina.

Rusty Carl said...


ayjay said...

Ohh yeah Tina. Definitely crying now. That was beautiful. Love to you.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina - amazing poem ... evoking such sadness .. it must be so difficult for you - these waves will come and go ... I really feel for you - just sometimes life seems impossible to get through.

Look after yourself ... with many thoughts Hilary

JoJo said...

Love you Tina. Hang in there sweetie. ((hugs)) That was a beautiful and heartfelt poem.

loverofwords said...

So hard to lose those we love, old and young and in-between. Best line for me: "Grief also surprises you..

Claudia said...

an enormous hole indeed and it tears the heart apart in a way that it can never be like it was - though i do hope that you will experience healing.. hugs..

Murees Dupé said...

Wonderfully said. I could feel the sadness and sorrow. Wishing you all the best.

lookingonthebrightside said...

So sorry for your loss... But beautifully expressed! Love the heart in the middle.

shelly said...

Hugs and prayers.

Jo said...

Lovely poem.

Andrea said...


klahanie said...

Powerfully written, dear Tina. We have to visualise that somewhere beyond grief there is hope.

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday, dear friend.


Anonymous said...

"Grief also surprises you,
sneaks attacks,"

That's something that I've learned about grief. Even years later, something seemingly insignificant can trigger a flood of emotion.

D Biswas said...

This summarizes my last year for me. This was so very poignant Tina, it made me tear up. Hope you're holding up well.
Hugs from across the seas,

Arlee Bird said...

Some loss is just like you've described. Thankfully we do get over most things--or at least learn to cope in some acceptable way.

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