Friday, June 14, 2013

Distant Thunder

I'm in the midst of a storm,
though safe on the porch

That distant thunder,
cracks of LiGhTnInG...
won't touch me

Not even the

B     nc      g
   ou     in
Will hurt

But it hurts you,
Your thunderstorm
So personal
So unavoidable

You have no porch
there is no safety, YOU
are at their mercy (asifthereweresuchathingwheretheycomefrom)

You've done your part,
prepared for the storm,
ensured the safety -
of all in your charge
Yet it's never

The storm pursues,
And absolutely

I can't stop it, either
though I long to,
and I'm in it
by choice

So I hold your hand, and
tuck you close,
and wait
WITH you.

It's what friends do.

As I sat on my porch watching a wondrous display of God's power, and praying the amazingly powerful storm helps the fires north and south of us here in Colorado, I couldn't help but think of two friends, each caught in their own storm. I'm helpless to fix anything, but I am there by their sides. Sometimes that's all you can do.


Suzanne Furness said...

Sometimes just being there is enough, Tina.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tina - hearing about the raging fires I was worried .. and hope that the storm gave them some damp spirit and eased the land's heat.

Love your poem .. though the underlying anxiety of two great friends is very draining - and I hope life eases all round ... but I'm sure the fact that you are there for them - physically and mentally .. will ease their anguish. Storms of life are very challenging ..

With thoughts to one and all, and Coloradoians in general with the fires .. thinking of you - Hilary

Jeremy [Retro-Z] said...

painting a very visual canvas for me... thank you.

Brian Miller said...

so true in how helpless we all are really but we can be friends and hold hands and support for sure...nice visual elements in your verse...the storm yesterday took out 2 trees one big cherry fell about 8 feet from the front of the house...

Annalisa Crawford said...

Like everyone else has said, being there is sometimes enough.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Personal storms are the most damaging. Sometimes all we can do is offer moral support.

JoJo said...

I'm scared of thunderstorms! But yes, I hope the rain provides relief to CO. Sorry about your friends though....I hope better days are ahead for them.

Andrew Leon said...

I miss thunderstorms. The real ones. Not the personal ones.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Having someone be there during the tough times is so important. Touching poem/post.

Al Diaz said...

My dragon goodness this has a huge meaning for me. HUGE. Yes, personal storms are quite challenging. Friends become a blessing, more than in good times.

Jo said...

Personal storms are when you find out just who your friends really are.

The US has been having some really bad weather this year. My support to all who have suffered from the wind, storms and fires.

Silvia Villalobos said...

Sending good vibes, keeping them in your thoughts and perhaps checking on them is indeed all you can do sometimes. You are a very thoughtful friend, hope they know that.


Carol Kilgore said...

Beautiful poem. I got it before reading the extra paragraph.

Also cheated and read the previous post. I totally get the double butt bumpers. My sister and I are double-butt close.

Happy Weekend ... and stay cool :)

Lucy said...

I love the poem and totally understand the 'being there' for a friend,feeling a little helpless and yet knowing that sometimes that is all you can do and should do.
I hope both storms pass soon.

Lucy from Lucy's Reality

loverofwords said...

Just the words, "I'm here, what can I do?" is enough. Or a hug across cyber-space.

Anonymous said...

"I know how you feel" is so pointless. "I'm here for you" is what your poem said to me. Poignant work.

criticalcrass said...

this was really good, tina. i liked it.

criticalcrass said...

and i hope you're working on your story, missy.

klahanie said...

Dear Tina,

All you can do is believe for the best. Indeed, in your own way, you've done plenty.

A peaceful, hopeful Sunday to you.