Friday, September 7, 2012

Phineas, Ferb, and Frankenstein

Good news in the drowned mackie department.  See previous post if you’re not privy to the tragedy which occurred here on September 3, 2012.  However, everything’ up looking up - got a donor body!  I already have the brain!  Now I just need to do some mad professor Frankenstein stuff!  Ferb, I think I know what we’re going to do today!

Don’t know who Ferb is?  Watch this 58 second title sequence, then go watch some episodes.  Laugh yourself silly.  You can thank me later.  Go AFTER you’ve read the post, though.  Please.  I’m fragile, after all, my girl is on life-support.

Turns out GorgeousGirl (I have nickname explanations in a tab above) has a Macbook she’s not using!  I mean, I knew she was a mac girl (after all, we are an endangered species if you ask anyone else who lives in this house) but apparently since getting her iPad, she doesn’t use it much.  So she brought it to me yesterday.  Making herself late for work – now that’s true love, eh?

I waited for Jake to come home because no way was I doing brain surgery in my current mental state.  However, silly boy thought he should do his homework first.  Guess all that I said last year made an impact, so who am I to complain.  (Yes, I complain all the time…I hear you).  Anyways, homework gave him a migraine, so we postponed surgery.

Today, though we hope to:

* Back up GG’s stuff.

 *Create a new user on Arthur (that’s what she named him – good name, I’d tell you why, but then what’s the point of all my nicknames…)

* Install mackie’s brain as the new user.

* Have a mac that we both can use, should she choose to come over and collect it, which she said isn’t likely.

* The only hitch would be the operating systems.  Her's is a year older than mine.  I’ll think about that later.  Right now I’m dreaming about having my girl back, and ditching this PC…

If you’re one of those techy people, please feel free to chime in and tell us what’s wrong with our plan.  Or, come over and assist.  We could always use another hand.  I have lots of gloves.

Have you ever had to do a technical thing you’d never done before?  How did it go?  Am I crazy to try this or should I just go to the genius bar at the apple store, which wouldn’t be anytime soon, since I just got to unbuckle my seatbelt and move freely about the cabin on Wednesday.  Translation: I’m not on bed rest anymore, but I’m not allowed to do anything…


Tina said...

No, I cannot make the video narrower and not overlay it with my buttons. Even though I removed all the I'm really scared to do surgery. If I can't format a blog post...perhaps it's the genius bar after all...
Tina @ Life is Good

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you have a new laptop - or new to you! I am very tech savvy and take apart computers all the time, but - PC only. Not going to even try messing with a MAC.

JoJo said...

I'm a tech fail. lol Although I actually did manage to install a simple photo editing program and edit photos! That's HUGE for me. lol Glad you are getting back up and running again!

shelly said...

This sounds like a chocolate moment.

Hugs and chocolate,

Brian Miller said...

we like phineas and ferb in our house...probably seen most episodes....woohoo on the new to you laptop

Arlee Bird said...

Glad you're coming to a solution. I don't do well with tech things. I've done them before with tech support on the phone line, but it has usually been a tedious process even with professional help.

Tossing It Out

Heather Murphy said...

Good luck with the surgery. You are very brave! I haven't had a need to perform surgery in a while but I have learned a lot from past screw-ups. I've never used a MAC though

Shannon Lawrence said...

You can find just about anything online, so hopefully any help you need is available on there. I've had to do plenty of tech troubleshooting before, most of it on theater projectors. Nothing like 300 faces staring up at you in a window to make you frantically move your booty and learn REAL fast, haha!

Good luck with your donor body! I'm so glad you have a replacement.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

Rob Z Tobor said...

We are PC lovers here and all the PC's are about 10years old, The Ghost Writer is a PC network guru chap so makes old PC's do things by tweaking stuff adding a few go faster strips and kicking the cat.

He only kicks the cat when it plays with the mouse by the way. HA HA HAH HAH HAH HAh ahhhah hahhah ah hhahah hahhahhahahha

lotta joy said...

My forage into all things computer oriented began on the day I lost my ELEVEN year old blog called LIFE IS GOOD.

Hacked and destroyed, email passwords changed, facebook suddenly had me listed as widowed and looking for WOMEN!

It was a "keystroke hacker". Something new in internet hell.

I had to RUN to the bank and move accounts and lost my entire computer.

There's worse in life where a glitch in the font lineup is concerned. lol

J.L. Campbell said...

Hope everything went well and that you're back in business.

klahanie said...

Hey Tina,

Coming from a genuine technophobe, I can barely come up with a response. I hardly even know how to leave a comment.

However, I do know how to do a paragraph and my blogs all have paragraphs :) Sorry, couldn't resist that.

The main thing here is that you continue to feel better in your life.

Your starstruck fan,


jnana said...

I'm handicapped at all things technical. Good luck with this!