Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tina's Ten Tidbits

I'm going to try this random quarter thing again. I'm trying to be as clever and entertaining as the amazingly talented, funny, snarky, always real jenn at Quirky Pickings. First time I tried? Crashed and burned after 12 items. Let's see how it goes this time.

one: bribery is a very useful parenting tool. C'mon. Admit it.

two: some towels have a very polished side, and then the other side is a bit more textured. We're not talking nice-get-for-your-wedding-gift towels. I mean those that you buy say at a beach resort or have cartoon pictures on them. Which side do you like? I like the scratchier side. It dries better.

three: you've heard YellowBoy stories and quotes. Well, maybe not. Most of them go on facebook. I love this one. We've just finished a screaming match (a very rare occasion with this child) and he says, emphatically, “You're lucky I have such a moderate temper!” Um, yeah. I am. It's just that this wasn't an example.

four: are you the kind of person who buys ziplock type bags because of their great usefulness, or are you the kind who tries to save money and buys the regular bags and curses them and wishes for ziplocks? I'm b. Trying to become an a. I now have both. The hard part is deciding if something is ziplock worthy.

five: was it just me, or were you irritated that all the water flooding the Titanic was so damn nice and clean? Why yes, I've watched it a few times. Like 20. It's what I do when I knit: watch movies I've seen already.

six: when I was in the hospital in February (asthma) for five days, I'd forgotten my comb and brush in the rush (go immediately!) to get there. So having watched The Little Mermaid countless times, I used my fork. Not kidding. Then they brought me a brush. Cheap, silly, hospital brush. Best brush I've ever had!

seven: if you drop a very sharp knife, say a Cutco knife, don't try to catch it. Just saying...

eight: my favorite quote from Bull Durham is, “The world is made for people who aren't cursed with self-awareness.” Annie Savoy. (Susan Sarandon)

nine: why do they put romaine hearts in ziplock bags and then punch circular holes in the bag? I also think wasting ziplock technology on a bag of cotton balls is ridiculous. Who spills cotton balls and makes an unrecoverable mess like chili on the handmade rug? I guess I have ziplock on the brain. Or did when I jotted all my ideas over the last two months to come up with 25 items.

ten: I know that John Hughes movies weren't the height of cinematic achievement, but I still love them. Breakfast Club was his best in my opinion.

You know what? I don't think I should do 25 items. I'm not as concise as jenn. I think I'd better stick to Tina's Ten Tidbits. Brevity is the hardest to achieve for me – remember this?

Besides, I think I was bordering on copyright infringement there...
I hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend. If you're one of those amazing men and women who have or are serving for us THANK YOU.


Brian Miller said...

ha i like hughes movies too...and isnt that something when the hospital's cheap stuff is the best...seriously some of the give away hotel shampoo is some of my favs...

Laurita said...

Interesting tidbits. I think you did pretty good coming up with ten. I don't think I have that many interesting thoughts. :)

Heather Murphy said...

I love that you used a "gaffel" as a brush (Did I use that right?) :)
I love John Hughes movies too. My favorite is Some Kind of Wonderful. It is very powerful for a tomboy like me :)
Happy Memorial Day!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think all things are Ziplock worthy. My wife is of a different opinion though.

Jenny said...

I get so annoyed when my husband wastes a Ziplock!

That's one of my favorite quotes from Bull Durham. And it's so true!

Great job with your list of 10.

Jo said...

I basically use ziplocks for everything, don't keep any other kind of bags.

And why wouldn't the water be clean, it was coming from the ocean. Place wasn't full of plastic bags in those days.

Life@Cee said...

I'm "a" on the ziplock question, as you well know. I'm glad you're atleast thinking of coming to the dark side, and BTW if you buy large quantities of them you don't have to go through the whole, is this veggie worthy question. Also, I'm a fan of the ziplock on cottonball packages. Cottonballs are like those popcorn mailing things, if they get loose they keep turning up everywhere.

mare ball said...

I love ziplocks. I buy the gallons, the sandwich and the snack sizes. I pack lunches for my hubby and daughter, so they are very helpful. The generic brands are fine though...don't have to be ZIPLOCK brand. I love the fork comb! Ingenious, really. :-)

boysmum2 said...

Stopping by on my road trip round the A to Z Blogs, nice to meet you