Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cat's in the Cradle

I held you
fwundle-bundled, in a
and we gazed
true love

you woke me,
multiple times
interrupting my night,
binkie search

you'd throw up
in places I'd rather
you NOT

Yesterday is gone

Today, in passing,
you toss out,
multiple times a day
for no reason,
except you're walking by

Today, you don't need
bottles or diapers or bath,
stories or cuddles or

Today, we
listen to Skrillex
Big Bang Theory

Today, you need
to vent,
spew venomous poison
of teenage angst, and
it's not the time for me
to correct your language
it's just to listen

Don't know
which stage is harder
Just that it's all over
In the blink of an eye.

It's Wednesday, so I'm heading to the poet's pub: dVerse to link up for OpenLinkNight.  Claudia is hosting tonight, so stop by, grab a beverage, and enjoy some poets.


Brian Miller said...

savor is def the key word...though kinda glad the throwing up in those places is done though...got peed on by a baby the other day for the first time in a long time...was awkward...haha....nice allusion to the song too...smiles

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm not sure which spew would be more difficult to handle.

Claudia said...

oh yes...it goes way too fast..mine are 17, 20 and 22...and we went through all the phases...smiles..nicely penned..

Heather Murphy said...

This is cute! Since I don't have children, my dog came to mind. Is that bad???

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

To be a mother and to have a child has to be a wonder blessings regardless of it's ups and downs. I enjoyed reading this, thank you.

HeatherL said...

Very nice. You brought tears to my eyes and recollections of my teen as my baby. Thank you.

Dana said...

Savor: that's the perfect word. Very nice!

Ravenblack said...

A blink of an eye, it seems. The pacing is very good in this poem, as is the rhythm, just fits the tale and the message. Enjoyed this very much. :)

Jo said...

Certainly painted a picture. Especially the teenage angst part.

manicddaily said...

Ha! Good, very good, advice, well-said. k.

Laurita said...

So, so true. And very well put.

Andrea said...

Blink of an eye indeed! The laughter is the one constant love...the reasons for it change,but that belly laugh...priceless no matter the age!

Lynn Proctor said...

it does fly by---but those teenage years seem to drag just a little--maybe that's just with boys;)

Stephen Tremp said...

Weel done! Sometimes the best thing is to listen and that's the extent of involvement. I remember all I wanted to do was vent. Still do sometimes. Wifey just listens and nods.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, nice poem. My baby graduates 8th grade a week from tomorrow, so this hits home. My older will be a senior in high school next year.

klahanie said...

Hey Tina,
Yeah, I have arrived and the situation I alluded too in that email has now gone :)
A poignant poem and don't we need to savour those precious moments. I remember when my son was still a teenager and he found the energy to speak to this old dude. Yep, instead of the usual one grunt, he grunted twice! :)
Take care and happy writing. Your starstruck fan, Gary!

lookingonthebrightside said...

Lovely, and oh so timely. I have been thinking these thoughts a lot lately, as i watch Meghan get ready to graduate HS. How did this happen??? When did she grow into this amazing beautiful young woman?

THanks Tina for sharing your talent yet again!