Wednesday, May 23, 2012


once again
         t t

I love you”
He says

He loves me, but
all locked up,
in deep places,
where years hide
that once bright

Now so dim I only
dare dream, that
might one day
what he buried
God knows why

I'm still here,
and I'm still burning
brightly enough, for
a whole family
to survive

For how long?
I feel my light fading
No one can go it alone
It takes two plus
And that's on a good day
Lose any of those,
like any good boy scout knows,
there's no fire.

It's Wednesday, so I'm heading to the poet's pub: dVerse to link up for OpenLinkNight.  My buddy Brian Miller is hosting, so stop by, grab a beverage, and enjoy some poets.


Myrna R. said...

Sad what this depicts. You captured the pain of a shattered love really well, uniquely. Good writing. I enjoyed.

Brian Miller said...

sorry i am late...had meetings all the concrete shattered in the opening...and this carries a lot of feeling too...the loneliness that is somewhat unspoken with having to carry that light for the whole family....felt piece...

Lynn Proctor said...

very nice--a poetry night somewhere sounds heavenly!

Claudia said...

this is a felt and emotional piece.. it takes some effort to keep that fire burning for sure..spoke very personally to me as thanks for this...and welcome at dVerse..

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Very moving, Tina!

Andrea said...

I love it, but it makes me sad, but I love it...very moving!

klahanie said...

Hi Tina,
And let the flickering flames of content, glow brightly.
And Tina, my dear friend, I mentioned you on my latest posting and thanked you for that "Sunshine Award" :)
Look after yourself and be well.
In kindness, Gary

Arlee Bird said...

Words that are true.

A Faraway View