Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We rush and fuss
fret and plan
pushing to get through,
what should be

It's not about
all those tasks we do
the musts and shoulds
over which we've

In all the hustle
We miss the message
A world was changed
by the King of Kings.
The greatest gift:
Reconciliation, now

If you haven't seen the flashmob food court Halleluiah Chorus, please take five minutes to savor this beautiful celebration of the birth of the King.  Then head on over to One-Shot Wednesday for more poetry from a variety of writers.  Write your own and link up!


Melissa Campbell said...

The greatest gift, reconciliation...thank you for your poetic reminder. Blessings!

Amanda Lee said...

This is a beautiful reminder to savor the Gift of reconciliation! Thank you, my friend!

Unknown said...

Wow, great video! That was really special. Thanks.

Brian Miller said... that vid...and yes every year we seem to get further and further away from chistmas...

Anonymous said...

Great vid, and even better poem! Such profound truth so simply expressed. Wonderful! :-)

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

So easy to miss it!!! We are way too busy in the stream to see the child King - not much has changed

Thanks for sharing with One shot

Moon smiles

signed...bkm said...

Beautiful....I have sung this with large choirs many times...absolute love to sing this song...thank you ---you made me want to sing....blessings...bkm

H said...

I saw this vid on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. It's absolutely brilliant! Your poem is also quality :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, Tina.. we need reminders like this every now and then... thanks for this one... it was really sweet of you!
What we must cherish, we ignore... and what we can ignore, we cling to! (sigh)..

A neat One Shot!

Anonymous said...

Your piece is extremely well written. I enjoyed reading it a lot. Love and Light, Sender

Marshy said...

a great reminder...thanks for sharing...pete

Reflections said...

Great reminder of the greatest gift of all... those glimpses into the the everafter are sweet.

Jenny said...

I loved the rhythm of this writing. I read it aloud as I so often do with your work and I was charmed. Thoughtful and excellent.