Monday, July 19, 2010

Cold Fire

The fire is out
The ashes cold
It's been too long, since
Fire burned
Bright, and
and consuming.

I do remember when
We ran through the waves
Chased the tide
Built the castles,
Watched then drown.

Now I'm cold
And tired
Can't remember the fire
or the waves
or the fairy-tale castles
Of a young girl's dreams

I stare
At the ashes
Of a very cold fire
And mourn.
We've lost
Who I thought
We would be.

I'm trying my first magpie tale.  Each week we get a picture to inspire a story or poem.  There are some amazing poets and writers in this group.  Check it out!


Aging Mommy said...

Another thing I need to check out! Again, a lovely poem, I think your feeling so much better health wise is coming through in your writing!

steveroni said...

Tina, you wrote: "There are some amazing poets and writers in this group."

And YOU, girl, are definitely ONE of those!!! I sure mean that. I did my first Magpie this week also, but I got in early--I think?

This is all SO much fun.


RA said...

The ending is pure heaven! :)

Brian Miller said...

how sad...when ones fire goes out...a wonderful write though, especially that last verse...

Sue J said...

Loved it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

what a beautifully sad magpie nicely written!

The Empress said...

that is sad, and how I feel sometimes.

I love following magpie. I have followed so many wonderful writers through there.

willow said...

Incredibly sad, and so often true. Love that last line.

Anonymous said...

Oooohh.. that was lovely, although melancholy.
You have so very well described that sad and emotionally unstable phase in a relationship...
Loved your work! Keep writing...

Jenny said...

Beautiful. Really powerful!

Life@Cee said...

Powerfully written and hauntingly sad.


Jingle said...

but you have done it elegantly.
unbeatable magpie!