Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sneak Peak to Next Week

Hey All!  Just a quick heads up.  Met a new friend through the comments at Andrew Leon's highly recommended blog "StrangePegs".  I really like Briane's comments, so I started reading his blogs.  My favorite is "Me, Annotated."  So in the spirit of friendship, I'm doing a blog tour stop for him next week (Friday), and he'd like all of you to know about the whole tour, so I'm doing this preview post, too.  I hope you'll come back on Friday the 13th (an appropriate day to promote a horror story...) so you can enter the give-away and learn more.

My name is Anne. With each day of my life, my actions brought me closer to Hell. Now, with each day of what is left of my existence, I struggle to avoid the fate that was set out for me -- or rather, not just to avoid it, but to master it. 

 A contemporary horror classic, "Temporary Anne" presents the terrifying tale of a woman who avoids eternal damnation by sending others to take her place, scrambling to avoid the minions of Mephistopheles while searching for a way to allow her ravaged body to serve her indomitable will. The frightening images -- demons made of ice, babies' souls consumed -- will stick with you for as long as Temporary Anne exists -- which is FOREVER.

Get it on Amazon for $0.99!  And watch for the blog tour where you can win free copies of this book and all my others.  The tour will be:

For this tour, I'll be offering not only giveaways of Temporary Anne and my other books, but I'll  be writing a short horror story on the go: I'll begin the story and each host and their readers will get to suggest where the story goes next.  It's a blog tour like no other! 
Briane Pagel

"That's a lot of infinity!":

"I sometimes call him Pumpkin Pie.":

"In my defense, I didn't know what whores were" :

This has been a production of the Vince Lombardi fanfic group:


D.G. Hudson said...

Good luck to Briane! The tour sounds interesting,too. You never know where you'll meet someone who is on the same wavelength.

We all have our demons, some more than others.

Brian Miller said...

cool concept letting the readers determine how the story unfolds...i will check that out for sure...

happy saturday

Andrew Leon said...

WooHoo! I'm highly recommended!

Anonymous said...

Writers helping writers? Always a good thing.

Andrea said...

Blog Tour sounds so rock star!!!