Monday, July 23, 2012

MMM: Monday Movie Madness: Clowns

It's MMM again! Monday Movie Madness from Nicole over at The Madlab Post
Today's topic is "Under the Big Top" and if you'd like more details, read this post.

We're focusing on clowns this week, and the first thing I thought of was that episode of Friends where Joey and Chandler took Ross's baby to the park because Ross said it would help them pick up chicks. It did not. It made the chicks think they were a cute, gay couple. They got attention, but no dates. On the way home, they leave the baby on the bus, and thus have to go the bus depot to pick up their baby. There are two babies. They can't identify the baby.  One has  a duck shirt, one has a clown shirt.
The embedding is disabled on the clip  but you've GOT to give 1:23 and you'll start your day with a belly laugh.

It's the hardest I've laughed probably ever and I'm chuckling as I write it. Oh, and rest assured, they get the right baby. Eventually.

The other clown I chose for today breaks my heart. No, not Heath Ledger as the joker, though I considered him because damn, what a waste of a talented young man's life, so sad.

No, I'm thinking of John C. Reilly's “Mr. Cellophane” from “Chicago”. It's one of my favorite movies, and his solo is one of the best scenes. Without going into too much detail, since I'm rocking the brevity thing these days (in my opinion at tell me) he's the sad and lonely husband of Roxie Hart, in jail for killing her lover. If you have time, watch the video, at least the first part where he's putting on his clown make-up and dancing in the dusty light on the empty stage with no one listening.

If you'd like to participate, you can either name your movies in the comments, or write your own post and leave the link over in Nicole's comments.  It's an easy way to start a week, and I know a LOT of bloggers who are movie buffs.  Just sayin'...


Tina said...

Testing my link:
My Clowns

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Great pick!!! Happy Monday

[Retro-Zombie] said...

Happy Moonday! don't like clowns... wait what am i saying.

shelly said...

I'm with Retro-Zombie. I don't like clowns either. They're creepy. Remember the movie, 'It'?

Brian Miller said...

dont know that i have seen chicago will have to check it out....the youtube clip from friends is def funny...

JoJo said...

I love Friends and I know well the clip to which you refer. LOL Clowns scare me!

klahanie said...

Hey Tina,
Yes, lucky you, it's me, your starstruck fan in your growing legion of starstruck fans.
Now then, the topic, "Under the Big Top", had me um imagining something else.
So you are focusing on clowns this week. Thanks for realising I'm a clown :) Which means, some of your amazing followers wont like me. Never mind. Must go now and watch "Circus of Horrors". Better still, just go out and stare at my neighbours!
Take care and happy writing, Tina.