Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back to Reality

My idea was to jot down events and such as triggers so that once I had the chance, I could pull them together into cohesive posts which captured our vacation. This is how I started:

Vacation is:
Road trip part 1:
(and here would go those pieces)

Ocean City, Part 1, Part 2
late night “watch just one more” on YouTube
swollen feet, with ice-cubes and arnica therapy
Star Wars, the real ones, made before the digital age
cousins n cousins
cousins tolerating cousins
cousins helping cousins
cousins ENJOYING their cousins
popcorn (but it's pretty much the all-popcorn all-the-time channel if I'm along)
people watching
Thrasherfriesfunnelcakespopcornpepsicottoncandydeepfriedoreos (I kid you not on the oreos)
sharing drinks
realizing that we're getting old. They all look like kids
Did I mention sand?

um, yeah, never put anything here

countless memories
same view, bigger trees
a new generation of crabbers
a new generation of crab pickers
teaching the next gen how to pick be the next generation of crab pickers
policing them while picking the crab so as not to waste a single morsel of Maryland Blue Crab goodness
eating crab, hour four
showering at night, not in the morning
kids old enough to shower themselves, thank God and at last!
though those kids still haven't quit mastered the arts of wet clothes rinsing and then hanging up those clothes AND the towel
sigh of contentment
this gentle breeze through this perfect view, I'm alone, and my man is busy catching me my dinner for a second night
looking forward to seeing a long lost friend (not so much lost-lost, just as in we lost touch through the marriage-family-kid thing, aided by the 1700 miles of separation, but through the magic of facebook, have “found” each other again)

And that's all the further I got. Silly me, once again I thought that while on vacation I'd be able to catch up on all things: reading, knitting, writing, journaling. Every year I forget that even though it's vacation, I'm still the mom who needs to cook, launder, referee and do dishes, all in unfamiliar environments, and also while trying to keep track of four people's possessions in 8 different overnight places. Kinda funny (but not!) that the most important thing lost was MY iPhone charger. Grrr. That's a whole post by itself, in that it illustrates not only what sleep deprivation can cause, but also the consequences of bad training, so that customer service employees understand neither customers nor service...another sigh.

We've been back three days now, and I'm still hopelessly behind in every aspect of life, motherhood, and all those assorted associated tasks. To top it all off, I have gone insane and not only created that challenge where I visit 1282 blogs over the summer, but also am participating in BuNoWriMo. Yup, gonna finally write that book. First draft. Just spit it out. That's what they said...and my competitive nature cannot back away from a challenge. Wish me luck and stop by to see my word count.  If I can get that gadget started...having issues.


Brian Miller said...

wow. so you had a good time...and are now uber busy...haha. good to see you tina.

H said...

Holidays are always most exhausting for the mums!

Hart Johnson said...

Sounds like a great vacation, even if you didn't catch up and only got two days journaled... Man, I love crab. Glad you're excited about BuNoWriMo!!!

Jennee said...

Wow, you are an over achiever! Best of luck with everything!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd need a vacation after all of that!
And you can do it.